The Black Plague: Internet Access on Phones

14 Jun

I’m about to write a blog that will be full of all those fallacies my AP Lang teacher would have berated me for (maybe like he would have berated me for ending a sentence with a preposition).  Currently I have a cell phone that can make and receive calls and text.  That’s it.   I have opted out of the increasingly popular mobile internet service (I’ll wait for the gasps to die down…).  So how can I question whether having internet access on a phone is worth it when I haven’t even tried it – that’s right buddy I don’t have the experience to back it up, but it’s my blog so DEAL!  No really, I’d actually like you to keep reading, pretty please with an iPhone app on top?

If I wanted to I could email, text, call, Facebook (im, post, message, comment), Tweet, write a letter, Skype, and meet up for coffee and a face to face conversation with the same person all in one day.  In some ways that is amazing when this country started off with the likes of the pony express.  But am I the only who interprets this accessibility as danger for over communication?  What do I hear? Crickets…great.  Without an internet connection on my phone, I already have the capability to bug a person from almost every angle with just my normal cell phone and laptop.  Do I need to add another dimension to my connectedness that makes me that much more accessible and able to bug others ALL THE TIME?  When does it stop?  Any amen’s?  No?  Okay.

And maybe the largest factor isn’t really that concept – it’s the money.  I am an unabashed budgeter and saver.  So how could I allow an additional internet charge go down every month after I already pay for wireless in my apartment?  I have sworn against double dipping!  (Que sudden craving for salsa, seltzer, salsa!)

One more con before I start being positive… What if I drop my phone in the toilet?  If I have a super cool phone then all the sudden I’m  not only out a phone, but a camera, a mp3 player, and perhaps cool apps – the stress would kill me I’m sure. 

That is not to say that I haven’t heard the iPhone’s siren call.  I have this daydream where I get an iPhone and suddenly I leave the world of grey behind for a sunny acoustic guitar/xylophone filled world.  I’m skipping in my snappy but causal outfit and trusty ocean washed keds.  I can touch the screen of my new phone and something actually happens!  Oh how fun! <and end scene>  I am less than inspired by the Droid’s matrix like campaign (predicting an evil machine empire, are we?), but I’ve heard this direct quote from a Droid owner, “This phone is cooler than my life!” Pretty powerful stuff. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is – is a handheld internet connection worth it/is it needed?  I have a sinking suspicion that I will catch the plague…aka get a smart phone because I won’t have much of an option not to.  Since I’ve had a cell phone in 2003 (late joiner in that too I’m afraid) I’ve seen phones advance in speed, drastically reduce in size, and add cameras as a standard feature not a super cool add on.   Phones will keep advancing to a point when touch screens and email access is no big deal.  Is this a bad thing?  No!  I’m just not financially or philosophically or emotionally ready for this step.  But yes AT&T you will have me in your grasp someday.   But for now, I will savor my times of internet silence.

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