I Heard It Was Your Birthday

3 Nov

Today is birthday reminiscing day!  If you don’t believe me look on your calendar…oh, wait, don’t do that, um just believe me.  But really, in honor of my favorite husband’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Ike!) here are the most memorable birthday party themes from my childhood.  Some of them make me smile and others scratch my head in a ‘what was I thinking?’ manner.  But all of them remind me why we celebrate birthdays.  Presents.  Oh wait, I mean spending time with family and friends AND presents.  So please secure your personal items as you step into the ‘Alexis Peters this is your life’ ride.  And as you do, I hope you are reminded of your own silly birthday party themes.

Age: 8

Lamb Chop’s Sing-Along/Sleep Over

I’m afraid this one falls into the ‘what was I thinking?’ category.  Lamb Chop’s Sing-Along?  Really?  But my mother, sweet person that she is, bought Lamb Chop table cloths, plates, cups, party hats, and maybe a few streamers and party blowers to create the festive singing-puppet ambiance every little girl dreams of.  Thank goodness I don’t have any photo evidence of this.  But the real head scratcher remains – why did my parents let 6 or so 8 year old girls sleep over?  During that 10 hour period we all became best friends, worst enemies, and then best friends again.  And absolutely no sleeping went on (mostly in fear that whoever fell asleep would have one hand placed in hot water and the other in cold to see if that really makes a person wet the bed…).  After that loooooong sleepless night, my parents decided to hold off on sleepover birthday parties for a couple of years.

Age: 12

The Inevitable Pre-Teen Skating Party

Not all of you know me, but if you do you are probably chuckling at the thought of me having a skating party.  Let me let the rest of you in on a little secret… I can’t skate!  And fast motion in open air (skating, four wheeling, skiing, tubing) makes me very nervous.  I’ve done them all, but with gritted teeth.   I guess I have a fear of falling onto hard surfaces.  Is that an official phobia?  I bet so (I’m not going to look it up, though).  Anyway, about half way through the party I decided to seek the safety of the carpeted area around the roller rink.  I really appreciate my parents’ gesture, but I have no idea why I had a skating party.  Maybe because all my friends were doing it?  I am proud to say that since then I’ve never made a peer-pressured birthday theme decision again (high-fives all around).

Age: 16

Ghost Hunting Tour?

Yes that is right.  When I turned 16 I was fortunate enough to live in the New Orleans area.  So I decided to go a little ‘edgy’ and take all my friends into the French Quarter for a walking ghost tour.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any ghost sightings to report.  The tour was kind of unnerving though; just imagine the kind of people that would give ghost tours in New Orleans and you will be scared enough. But the real fun came from interacting with the French Quarter folk.  The usual tap dancers, painted people, and scary clowns selling balloon animals abounded to make the experience warmly memorable.

I’ll have to leave you now, I know, just when my parties were getting good.  You will have to fill in the rest of the years with bowling, swimming and pizza parties.  That reminds me, ask Ike about his bowling party – there’s video evidence and let’s just say that birthday boy didn’t enjoy losing to his friends…

In my adult years, I’ve simplified my themes and just gone with small gatherings of family and friends for some quality time together.  So maybe, after all these years I have learned that birthdays are a time to celebrate another year of life with the people that I love the most.  (Awwwww)

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