Damgoode Pies is (valiantly avoiding a pun based on their name) Great!

12 Nov

A Friday post already?  Insert own Friday jig here!  (I’m raising the roof.)  This time, I think I’ve found a true “get excited for the weekend” theme.  If you’ve read the title then you already know what it is, but I’m still going to be dramatic anyway.  You ready?  Ahem, I’m ignoring all the sighs and “get on with it”s out there.   A pizza place review!  Nothing says, “Woohoo, I’m free for a couple of days” than bread, sauce and cheese all mixed up together.  Ok, not the most appetizing description of pizza, but you get it, right?  So today for your reading pleasure, here’s a quick review of an AR based -Wooo Pig Sooie! – pizza place.

The Occasion

Last Wednesday, the great Ike Peters turned a quarter of a century old, 25 for all of you using your fingers.  Can you guess where he picked to celebrate his B-day?  I know, again with the false drama.  You got it!  Damgoode pies!!  I think that picking a place for a special occasion such as a birthday speaks volumes for the food and atmosphere.  And we were not disappointed.  As I looked at our fellow pizza eaters, I saw that DGP is the perfect date night local, family outing spot, and guys night (or, hey girls night) destination.  So whatever the occasion (except maybe Valentine’s day…), drive your empty belly to DGP. You won’t be let down.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is quirky and fun.  Just reading the menu makes me giggle.  It is full of charm, wit, and edge that alerts the reader – hey you, this is an experience!  Here’s the website if you want a sampling of said charm.  We ate at the Cantrell location and the dark dining room lined with booths and tables invites hungry pizza seekers.  The help is great.  Most of the servers are young and dare I say hipster-ish.  But the food is on the table fast, drinks are refilled, and you get service with a smile.  It was slow-ish on a Wednesday, and we actually got to make the decision between table or booth (booth of course).  On the weekends the place is packed.  The service and atmosphere do not suffer, but you may have to wait to sit down.  They have lot’s of TVs, so I’m betting sporting events can be viewed while enjoying the pizza experience.   The pizza would be good delivered to your door, but going to the restaurant adds that little something special.

Most Importantly, The Food (and the prices)

The food is GREAT!  According to their site they were voted best pizza in AR 3 years in a row.  That many taste buds cannot lie.  On our last trip, we stuffed our faces with a ‘stuffy’ crust pizza.  This is something I had never tried or even imagined before.  It is basically a pizza between 2 crusts covered with sauce.  It is delicious.  The hand tossed crust is tasty, the cheesy is melty, and the toppings  are aplenty.  Mouth watering yet?  Speaking of sauces, they have 9 to choose from.  That is heaven for a person who is addicted to dipping her pizza in something.  Next time I go, I’m going to get the Sampler Bread – you get to try out 4 of the sauces on homemade garlic bread. Warning this is not a good place for a low carb, or maybe any weight loss diet, but it is so good!  Can.Not.Wait. to go back.  The only thing that was meh was the salad.  We ordered a not bad but not that special Caesar.  But hey, at least we got some green in, please don’t take away points for it being smothered in dressing and cheese!  The menu features a variety of specialty pizzas balanced with the ability to create your own pie.  So the sky is the limit for your own pizza delirium.  They also have pasta and “sammies,” but I haven’t ever ordered them.  I’m one of those “get pizza at a pizza place” people.  Finally, a night at DGP will leave you with a full stomach and a not so empty wallet.  The portions are healthy and the price is right.  We shared a pizza and salad for a little less than 20 bucks.  Success I say!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  And I hope you get to enjoy a nice Friday night pie, wherever you may be.

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