Comfort TV: Things to Watch While Job Searching

15 Nov

On this chilly Monday, I’m feeling the need for comfort and familiarity.  I’ll be skipping my super long love song to dark chocolate to discuss another source of Monday, nay daily, comfort.  I’m currently in job searching mode.  And even though I don’t have to be anywhere from 9-5, I do feel like I’m working nearly full time.  But one small perk (ok, there are a lot of perks) of working from home is the break time freedom.  So when I need a break from computer time, I can pop in a DVD over lunch and escape into a familiar show world for a little while.  Here are a few of my shows that I can pop in and have great moments of comfort.  Let me know yours!

Gilmore Girls

This is my current comfort source.  I’ve heard people say that Gilmore Girls gives them a headache or that the characters talk too fast to understand.  But to me, this is one of the most heartfelt, clever, and re-watchable series I’ve ever seen.  And if you don’t like the show, then I can shamelessly steal its jokes and you will think I’m hilarious.  I can’t (or won’t) tell you how many times I’ve watched it all the way through, but it is more than 1 and less than 100.  This show about a quirky town and the loves and lives of a mother-daughter duo does have a dumb name.  But I do think that if you give it a chance you will smile AT LEAST once in each episode.  And I’d bet a bag of foil wrapped Dark Chocolate pieces that you’d smile more.  And that is quite a wager coming from me.

Arrested Development

This show is like a good soup,  it gets funnier the more you watch it.  And soup gets better the longer it simmers and…ok, fine that may have not been the best simile.  But the more the characters become familiar to me, the more their zany actions tickle my funny bones.  Although this show did not get the long life it deserved, we thankfully have 3 seasons to go back, watch and laugh our heads off over.  I can pop in any episode from any season, and find several legitimate laugh out loud situations.  That is the mark of a great comfort show!


Lost will always be a fun mystery for me to watch and re-watch.  And since I’m getting along in years, I often forget all the minor mysteries in each season.  And even if I do remember what’s going on, then it is fun to see a mystery in its early stages.  It gives me a chance to see that the mystically awesome writers and producers did have a plan for their masterpiece show.  Sure some people couldn’t stand all the twists and turns and hatches of the show, but to me and my pals, Lost became a regular discussion and even debate topic.  When the show finally ended, I felt like something was missing for a couple of weeks.  That is either really sad or a testament to the power of the show.  Either way, Lost is fun to watch for hours on end.  It is kind of like a bag of potato chips, I bet you can’t just *watch* one episode.  Get it?

Ok, enough adulation about TV!  I promise I do have other interests and comfort activities.  I like this one today because it adds fewer calories to my life.  And I bet if you think about it, you have a couple comfort shows of your own.  Just imagine this.  It is a chilly day.  And it is just you, the couch, and a mug of your favorite warm beverage.  What would you pop in the player?  You are either thinking of a great show or movie, or you are really mad that you can’t join me.  Either way you are thinking, right?  Ok!  That is enough for today!  Wishing you all a happy Monday.

One Response to “Comfort TV: Things to Watch While Job Searching”

  1. Kristin November 17, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    I fall in to the jealous/mad category of your chilly Monday comfort TV time.

    By the way, I would add Felicity to that list, and for the record, Gilmore Girls isn’t a dumb name! 🙂

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