Some Great Stuffing About Thanksgiving*

18 Nov

*=Sorry, my slight addiction to puns keeps raising its ugly head

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the store.  I’m going through this phase where I forget 1 item or so every time I do major shopping.  This time it was dental floss.  Dental hygiene is important and worth a mid-week trip, remember that children.  Ok I’m getting to my point, I pinky promise.  So as I breezed into the store, I was hit (figuratively) in the face with Christmas paraphernalia.  What’s with that? Now before you go thinking I’m a humbug, I assure you my ears are itching to hear Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album.  Itching!  But I also know that a crucial part of Christmas is tradition, tradition!  All right, maybe not the most Christmas relevant musical to be quoting.  Anyway, I was raised in a household where Christmas decorations went up the day after Thanksgiving.  Not the day after Halloween.

Ah a perfect opportunity for a smooth transition.  I have an announcement:  Thanksgiving is 1 week from today.  Has the whole country forgotten?  The store certainly had.  Just because harvest colors are not as pleasant as red and green and turkeys don’t bring presents like Santa, doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving should be dissed and dismissed.  The only remaining Thanksgiving items they had were stuffed on the end of an aisle, just a few pathetic looking turkey paper plates remained.  Who wants paper plates for Thanksgiving?  Not me!  I need ceramic plates to support my mountain of turkey and dressing next week.  Anyway, I’m ranting (and meandering) my way toward introducing 7 great things about Thanksgiving!!  Read on!  And remember.

Thanksgiving episodes & movies

Ok, Thanksgiving themed entertainment is not what comes to mind in the holiday department.   But after some thought, I realized there are some great Thanksgiving episodes out there and a few good movies.  For TV, Friends definitely comes to mind as each of their TG ‘sodes is classic (stretchy pants, questionable trifles, football, Brad Pitt, all good fun).  I also love the Gilmore Girls’ TG ‘sode “Deep Fried Koren Thanksgiving” (predictably, I know).  With a little research, I bet you could find a great TG ‘sode in your own favorite TV show.  I found one for Seinfeld, Full House, Cheers, Felicity, and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As for movies, I’ll admit it is slim pickings, but I did find a few.  Want to be depressed about the state of marriage?  Then go ahead and watch Hannah and her Sisters, Woody Allens’ funny, sad, and ultimately triumphant holiday flick.  But if you prefer pure laughs, go for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, with Steve Martin and John Candy it’s hard to go wrong.

No need to buy gifts

This is probably why Thanksgiving gets no retail love.  But I think it is nice that all you are expected to do for Thanksgiving is spend time with family, eat until blue in the face, and then fall asleep on the couch.  Well, actually that may be the man version of Thanksgiving.  As a lady, I do get to help out in the kitchen, but again it is time and maybe groceries expended, not cash on presents.  And that does lower the stress level of this holiday.


Hey, you may only be across town or across the country, but Thanksgiving does facilitate travel.  Although that may be a negative for some, it does add to that holiday excitement for me.  Thanksgiving is an event.  You travel to see loved ones, eat until blue in the face and then fall asleep on the couch.

TG Food & Pumpkin Themed foods

Ok, this is Thanksgiving’s most obvious appeal.  But it is more than food.  It is the traditions cooked into those turkey juices.  Generations of tweaking a dressing recipe will sit on my plate next week (very briefly, and then I will shovel it in).  And of course we’ll have those pumpkin themed desserts.  Got to cherish something that is so seasonal.  And by cherish I mean, rush to finish your meal to make sure you get a big piece of pie.

Official Start of Holiday Season

I may not be very original in saying this, but I love the holiday season!  It is filled with nostalgia and the possibility of new memories.  And again, being of the old school, I don’t allow myself to get all Christmasy until Thanksgiving has passed.  But that next day is usually filled with putting up the tree, and holding the ladder for my dad to put up Christmas lights. And then I will finally get to listen to Sufjan!!  Good times.

Family time

Ha! That is not my family. Just FYI.

I’ve been alluding to this aspect in almost every blurb, so you had to see it coming.  Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with your little family, a whole host of distant relatives, or even just some good friends.  While everything is cooking, take some time to play games or watch something together.  The whole day is cleared of regular stress and worry, and replaced with family focus.  I love days like that.  They come far too seldom.

Time for Thankful Reflection

Being thankful should be a part of daily life.  I’ve found, the more my life is focused on thankfulness the less likely I am to be selfish and dissatisfied.  But Thanksgiving is a day when I can be very purposely thankful, and even though those around-the-table-what-are-you-thankful-for rituals may be a little synthetic, it doesn’t mean that it is useless.  Make sure to take some time to reflect on the good things in your life.

Wow, that is a long one.   Congrats if you made it all the way down here.  As a prize, how about you eat a huge meal about this time next week?

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