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Best of 2010: TV Comedies

23 Dec

Last Best of 2010 post! I cannot think of a better way to end the series than with a Best of TV comedies list. Ok, fine, it just randomly ended up this way. But I still think that reflecting on the shows that make me laugh is a positive way to transition into 2011. Savor this best of list because…
A) It is the last in the series.
B) It is my last post of 2010.
I’ll see you back on my blog, bright and early on January 3rd. Try not to miss me too much.

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Homemade Christmas Dog Treats

22 Dec

I love dogs, and I’m the proud owner of the slightly reactive but always cute Buster Bear Peters. First things first, I don’t dress him up, stick him in my purse, feed him from the table, or let him sleep in my bed. But I do own 2 dog cookbooks. I got them from my mom for Buster’s big 2nd birthday. It has taken me till now (oops) to get around to trying a recipe, mostly because dog recipes require ‘fancy’ ingredients. By fancy, I mean not readily available at my local Kroger. So today, I ventured out to Fresh Market (had a blast) and finally found the missing component of Buster’s holiday treats. This recipe is from “The Good Treats Cookbook for Dogs.” It wasn’t too hard, and Buster kept licking the floor after finishing his first homemade treat so I’m taking that as a 2 paws up rave.
If you think about it, baking for dogs is a great pastime for people who love to bake, but don’t love to feel sick after eating too much cookie dough. So if you have a fur friend or people with fur friends in your life, try this recipe out! It is a fun, cute, cheap way to say “Merry Christmas!” to the dogs and dog lovers in your life.

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Finding the Griswolds

21 Dec

This weekend, Ike, Buster and I set off to find the Griswolds of Little Rock. If you haven’t seen Christmas Vacation and thus have no idea what I’m talking about, I don’t even know where to start.

Ok, fine.

In this modern Christmas classic, Clark Griswold spends hours covering his house with over 20,000 twinkle lights and filling his yard with plastic figurines. When his lights finally blaze into the night sky, his neighbors’ power supply is zapped and people are almost blinded by the light. Very funny.

So when I think Griswold Christmas décor, I think over the top, slightly tacky and always bursting with WOW! Factor. Continue reading to see the shining Griswold inspired examples we found on our mission. May your days be merry and bright this Christmas season.  (see what I did there?)

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Best of 2010: TV Drama Series

20 Dec

Hey there, and welcome to the penultimate installment of my illustrious Best of 2010 Series. I know! The series flew by for me, too. Today I’ll share my favorite TV dramas. Again, I “broke” the rules and included series that I’ve really enjoyed this year but that didn’t necessarily premiere in 2K10. Ok, I don’t think any of them premiered this year. Oops! But all did have new episodes come out sometime during this fine year, and that counts for something, right? I’ll keep the descriptions short and sweet, because I’ve realized (sadly) that I watch a lot of TV.

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Thrift Store Spoils

17 Dec

After all my talk about the Thrift Store Christmas Challenge, I thought it only fair to share the best finds. Here are the cute, interesting and enviable gifts that victoriously emerged from the Challenge. Feel free to take notes, and yes, it is ok to be jealous.

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Christmas Party Ideas

16 Dec

Hey, I know, I know. We only have 1 weekend before the big day. But I promised a more upbeat post after my depressing movie fest yesterday, and really, what is more upbeat than holiday party suggestions? Stumped you, didn’t I? Anyway, maybe you will have time to whip up an informal gathering of pals this weekend to try one of these ideas out. If not, store your favorite away with your tree for next year. Christmas is all about anticipation, right? And Christmas 2011 will be just as good for partying down. Plus, some of these ideas could work for a New Year’s party or for a just-because-winter- gathering (just skip any Christmas music or movies and you are golden). Whatever the occasion, if one of these ideas inspires you call your friends and have some fun!

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One Serving Movies

15 Dec

This week I finally got the chance to watch Precious. And yes, I do refuse to type out the rest of the title, although I bet this rant has taken longer to share. Go figure. Despite my beef with the title, I was captured by the film. But by the end I felt like my heart and my straining tear ducts had run a marathon. Did I gain just a tiny bit of perspective beyond my suburban upbringing? Do I appreciate my education and my wonderful parents more? Yes and yes. But do I want Precious to be my nostalgic fall-asleep-to-it movie? Um, check no. Although, I may watch it again someday, I feel that it falls into the “One Serving” movie category. Movies that deserve to be watched and taken in but are just too devastating to press the play button again and again. Here are a few more movies that still haunt me after only one viewing.

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Christmas Countdown

14 Dec

The term “Slow as Christmas” no longer makes sense in my life. I mean, I remember the agonizingly slow December days, the end of school countdowns and those sleepless nights of my childhood. But they are no more! This year I’m still not done with shopping and Christmas is next week. It is simply shocking. Time has been on fast forward this year, and Christmas has knocked me on the head instead of making its traditional slow advance. So to get my anticipation high and my countdown started, I’ll share 5 things I can’t wait to do next week when I travel down to Houston to spend Christmas with my family. I hope you have the time to get excited about your upcoming Christmas traditions. It will make the holiday sweeter. I promise.

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Best of 2010: Movies

13 Dec

Hey guys! It’s time for this week’s Best of List. This time I followed the rules and only reviewed movies that came out this year. You’re welcome.

Going to the movies is an event in the budget conscience Peters home. So, if we ever go to a movie, the funds are either generously donated by one of our Parental Units or we research the flick like crazy on Rotten Tomatoes and other venues (no Rotten choices for us). In other words we take our movie-going seriously and we also appreciate charity. So here are the movies that made it through our rigorous screening process and then actually lived up to our expectations. If you missed any of these in the theaters, I stand by my recommendations and would suggest a Redbox event or Netflix queue addition ASAP.

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A Christmas Story Story

10 Dec

Last night, I saw A Christmas Story at the Rep in Little Rock, as part of a fabulous office party for my husband’s agency. The evening started off swimmingly for several reasons.

  • We found cheap parking.  $2.50 for a whole day! Am I crazy or are those rates unheard of in Houston?
  • We had an abundance of little food to try and try again. (Cordon Bleu Balls!) For all you cultured people out there, read: hors d’oeuvres for little food.
  • We had an interesting insight into co-workers opportunity. I love seeing people I know from a work context suddenly shifted into a spouse or family context. To borrow from the classic “Mean Girls”, it’s like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.

But once the curtains rose, things got a little dicey.

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