Best of 2010: Movies

13 Dec

Hey guys! It’s time for this week’s Best of List. This time I followed the rules and only reviewed movies that came out this year. You’re welcome.

Going to the movies is an event in the budget conscience Peters home. So, if we ever go to a movie, the funds are either generously donated by one of our Parental Units or we research the flick like crazy on Rotten Tomatoes and other venues (no Rotten choices for us). In other words we take our movie-going seriously and we also appreciate charity. So here are the movies that made it through our rigorous screening process and then actually lived up to our expectations. If you missed any of these in the theaters, I stand by my recommendations and would suggest a Redbox event or Netflix queue addition ASAP.


Am I dreaming as I type this? Have I been lost in a dream within a dream within a dream for years? These thought provoking questions and more (actually related to the movie) swirl through my head as I reflect on one of the best summer flicks I’ve ever seen.  Intricate, mind bending, visually awesome (the floating fights!) and debate-causing is all I can ask for $9.50 these days, and I got it. I think the mark of any great art is if it makes the recipient think. This movie did, and I’m excited to see it again and test my final frame theories. To avoid spoilers for those who were hibernating this summer, I won’t share. Ha! If you are thinking right about your theories right now, does that make my post art? Yet another thing to ponder. Hmmm.

The Town:

This movie was a great edge of your seat (kind of romantic) thriller. I enjoyed the action, the masks and the acting. I think Ben Affleck has proven that films like Pearl Harbor and Gigli are expectations rather than the rule in his career. So I’m going to come out and say it, he’s a good actor and director. But I think Jeremy Renner stole the show. He was especially great as an overly violent criminal with a loyal heart and a particularly disturbing mustache. Just be aware this movie is set in Boston, and apparently it is the law to say 4 letter words beginning with “f” in that town. Other great appearances were made by Blake Lively (surprising!) and Jon Hamm (good, as expected).

The Social Network:

I don’t know if this movie really captures the essence of my generation as it is reputed to do (or else I’m totally out of sync with my fellow twentysomethings), but I do think The Social Network was a smart film. Jesse Eisenberg was especially impressive as Zuckerberg, the billionaire genius who lacks social skills. I think this finally proves that he is not just Michael Cera 2.0. Who knew a movie about the creation of Facebook could be so dramatic and interesting? I didn’t, until I saw it.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part I:

I may sound like a broken record, but I think this is the best movie of the Harry Potter franchise. Tense, well acted, and swiftly paced this movie actually doesn’t mess up anything from the books (plus 10 points to the House of Gryffindor!). And although unrelated to the quality of the movie, I have to say that I loved Hermione’s wardrobe! Dropping out of Hogwarts was the best fashion decision she’s ever made. The HP films had lost my anticipation for a couple movies, but they have it back, and I eagerly await the final chapter.


I loved this movie. I smiled 99% of the time (except for the sad and touching parts). Rapunzel reminded me a lot of Enchanted’s Giselle, another heroine and movie that caused non-stop smiling.  I also loved Rapunzel’s cute chameleon pal, horse defender and her magical hair. Instead of going all ‘scholarly’ on you and comparing this movie to previous Disney classics, I will say this: I think animated Disney is back. After 2 great princess movies, I am looking forward to whatever they have to offer audiences next year.

Honorable Mentions:

(or movies that were also great, but I don’t want to make this post too long)

Toy Story 3:

If you saw this movie and didn’t cry, you have a heart of lead. Pixar barely ever let’s me down, so they’ve definitely got a ‘Friend in me.’ (see what I did there??)

Scot Pilgrim vs. The World:

Weird, but entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised by this video game-themed, graphic novel-based movie.

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