Christmas Party Ideas

16 Dec

Hey, I know, I know. We only have 1 weekend before the big day. But I promised a more upbeat post after my depressing movie fest yesterday, and really, what is more upbeat than holiday party suggestions? Stumped you, didn’t I? Anyway, maybe you will have time to whip up an informal gathering of pals this weekend to try one of these ideas out. If not, store your favorite away with your tree for next year. Christmas is all about anticipation, right? And Christmas 2011 will be just as good for partying down. Plus, some of these ideas could work for a New Year’s party or for a just-because-winter- gathering (just skip any Christmas music or movies and you are golden). Whatever the occasion, if one of these ideas inspires you call your friends and have some fun!

Hot Coco Taste Test

With the numerous and delectable flavors of hot cocoa on the market, this party idea is easy and cheap to prepare. I suggest grabbing a variety of single serving packets. Hershey’s, Ghirardelli and especially Land o’ Lakes all have great selection for under a dollar. Have someone bring the marshmallows and another pal bring the whipped cream and you will have yourself a warm beverage heaven. You can either let everyone pick their flavors and the most popular choice wins, or you could fix all the varieties and let people vote for their favorites. It can be as involved as you want. You could end the night with games or a fun movie. But the bottom line is that you are giving people an evening filled with liquid chocolate. They will be happy. Believe me.

Cookie Decoration Contest

A baking party is also an easy way to win people’s hearts. You could supply a variety of cookie dough to get people started. Sugar cookies are ideal, but in the name of variety (and happiness) add some chocolate chips or your own favorite dough. Cupcakes are also fun to decorate and incidentally, delicious. Then, make sure you have or ask people to bring homemade icing, cookie cutters, and sprinkles. Have a contest with silly prizes for cutest, most creative and maybe even most improved cookie.

Dirty Santa, White Elephant, Yankee Gift Swap, or The Frustrating but Fun Gift Exchange Game

This is a holiday staple, and an easy way to enjoy the holiday with lots of friends without giving EVERYONE a present. But to ensure success, follow these guidelines:

  • Set budget limits. Anywhere between $5 – $20 is good.
  • Decide whether it will be a nice or a white elephant (junky but funny) exchange.
  • Make rules. Here are some common ones.
    • Everyone picks a number, and then opens or steals a gift in number order.
    • A single present can only be stolen 3 times.
    • Have fun. (duh)
  • Follow the rules. This game can get competitive, so if someone gets mad, follow the rules and he or she will have nothing real to complain about.

If there are no guidelines, you may end up in the same situation as The Office Christmas episode where Michael brings an iPod and everyone else brought $20 gifts. Pure mayhem.

That’s it for now. I have just taught you two things:  presents and/or food are the prefect ingredients to a fun winterish party. Have fun and stay warm.

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