Re-watchable Movies

6 Jan

Last month, I wrote a slightly depressing post on One Serving Movies. You know those movies that are high quality and thought provoking, but ultimately tragic and difficult to watch again. So I thought I’d start the New Year on a happier note and give you the opposite list: movies I can’t get enough of.  These movies are familiar, epic, nostalgic and just plain good. I may not watch them often, but if I popped them in right now, I’d be entertained and comforted even if they just provided background noise.  Watching them is like being wrapped in a warm blanket while drinking the perfect cup of coffee. Irresistible image, huh? Well then, you better keep reading.

Spielberg Classics: Jaws & Jurassic Park

These 2 movies are full of great character growth, unlikely friendships and adventure. Although they provide escapism and fun, they also explore deeper themes: man vs. nature or initially weak men overcoming impossible odds. Those never get old to me. I love how Jaws ratchets its pitch perfect tension while Jurassic Park mixes back to back laughs and screams. You ready for my favorite scenes? For Jaws, I especially enjoy when the guys bound in that tiny boat sing and compare battle scars. In Jurassic Park, I enjoy every scene with Jeff Goldblum. Especially when he stammers through chaos theory.  Hmm, I want to watch both of them right now.

Epic Trilogies: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (original 3), Back to the Future, Indiana Jones

There must be something about trilogies. I guess with 3 movies, the viewer has time to get to know the characters and experience quite a bit of suffering, defeat and triumph with them. With the exception of Indiana Jones, the second movies (the dark one) are my favorites. The suffering and near defeat of the good guys always grabs me more than the story building of the first movie or the eventual triumph of the third. But the entire trilogy always creates characters or worlds that I’m sad to see go as the credits roll on the final installment.

Cult Movies: Moulin Rouge, Zoolander

Okay, these may not be exactly cult movies, but I did go through a phase when I watched each of these non-stop. Although they may not be the highest quality, something about their quotability (or singability) is addicting. The worlds they create are fantastic and fun to visit again and again. Moulin Rogue’s rich colors, off-beat characters and tragic love story kept my teenage attention, while Zoolander’s buddy comedy and Blue Steel kept me rolling on the floor.

Nostalgic Faves: Anne of Green Gables, Disney & Pixar classics

If I can be honest here, I wanted to be Anne growing up, and I probably wouldn’t have minded taking the place of Cinderella or Snow White either. I really connected with the characters as a child, so seeing them as an adult brings back those happy memories. These days with Red Box and Netflix, I’m barely motivated to buy any movies since so many are easily accessible or cheap. The only movies I’d really like to still collect are Pixar and Disney. Movies I can share with my eventual children, and okay, watch by myself to be warmed by their movie magic. I guess happy endings really do help improve a movies re-watchability.

There you have it. I know I wasn’t extremely specific, but I have trouble picking my favorite things. However, I think I gave you a good idea of my favorite brands of movie magic.

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