VIP* Event

24 Jan

*Vern In Person (clever phrase created by my copywriter husband, Ike Peters)

This last Friday, I had the chance to shake up the normal routine and do something different – wait, not only different, but fun, free AND different. The trifecta of a budgeter’s weekend entertainment. Score! What is this activity I’m building up? Well keep your pants on, and I’ll tell you. This Friday Vern Yip, of Trading Spaces and HGTV fame came to my local IO Metro store. (Ok, if you haven’t heard of either of these entities I’ve provided links if you are curious.) I assure you they both have a validated cool factor (awarded by me). To share my fun Friday entertainment, I’ve summarized Vern’s style tips after the break. How is that for turning Friday fun into Monday’s gain?

Balance Aesthetic and Function

Vern emphasized the need to consider how the room will be used before heaping decorating items in the space. Be honest with yourself when picking pieces. Will your dog think your tasseled pillows are chew toys? You might want to skip those. Is that couch you love not very comfy? Don’t buy it. Find a seating option that is easy on the behind and beautiful. Bottom line, your decoration should complement the use for the room, not make it unusable.

Eclectic is King

Another great Vern announcement – the age of style themed houses are dead. Thank goodness. No longer must your whole house follow a southwestern or Victorian theme (the horror!). No, decorating these days is about expressing your family’s personality. When someone comes to visit our place, I hope our bright and colorful accessories make them feel how we feel when we walk in – happy. Vern suggested collecting inspiration from decorating books and magazines to find and build your style. When you are ready to buy, bring your color inspirations with you to the store to keep you on track.

Easy Color

Add color in ways that are easy to change and easy on the pocket book. If you can’t paint the walls (like me) or if you’re unsure of your choice, try to find a pillow or a throw that can add punches of the color you love. It is much easier to replace those things if you get tired of the colors you pick. By the way, the color of the year is honeysuckle. Vern joked that he has no idea who comes up with color trends (probably 3 random people in a closed door meeting). Bottom line – avoid trends and, again, go with what makes you happy, in small doses.


The easiest way to be eco-friendly? Buy high quality pieces that you love.  That way you will be able to keep them forever and even hand them down to your kids, not the local dump. You can definitely seek out pieces made out of repurposed wood, and IO Metro has a wide selection of such things. But if you can pick a piece that will stay with you for years, you can feel like you’ve done your green duty.

Misleading Prices

Finally, Vern warned us not to be misled by prices. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it is high quality and just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean it is poorly made. Remember to look at the features. Is it made of all wood? Does the couch actually have springs in it? Don’t be afraid to ask the sales team at your furniture store these questions. It will help you make a more informed choice.

Well, there you have it. I hope you are all inspired to decorate your spaces. I’m pumped that themes are out and personal preference is in. Oh and I have a couple of decoration issues right now, if I solve them, I will share my success!

Have a great Monday!

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