2011 Oscar Noms

25 Jan

As I was walking Buster this chilly morning, I decided that it was time for a movie post. So the universe (or the Academy) presented me with the perfect topic for today, the 2011 Oscar Nominations hot off the presses. Of course, my post is joining the legions of articles filled with predictions and such on this very topic. So I’m not going to pretend to give anything other than my opinion on the movies that I’ve actually seen and my thoughts on the set up in general. I’m also not going to pretend that award shows actually mean anything .If I think about it too hard, I realize it is just a small group of rich people giving each other statues. But I also can’t help getting swept away and excited by it all, too. I love movies. I just can’t help myself. And maybe, just maybe, each year I imagine my own frazzled acceptance speech, for what I don’t know. But I do know that I would be wearing a fabulous (and tasteful) dress. Ok, on to my thoughts on the 2011 noms!

For the full nominee list, click here. I’m going to focus on the ultimate prizes, because I could not even pretend to give an educated guess on Best Editing, etc.

Ten movies again? Really?

Reaction 1: Budget Concerns

For several years now, I’ve tried to see all the Best Picture nominees before the big night. Simply put, it helps me get more excited about the results. I also have to pick a team to root for if I happen to be watching a sporting event. If not, I just can’t get myself to care. For a poor young married gal desperately saving for her first house purchase, 10 movies is a stretch on the old purse strings. But thankfully, Ike and I have great parents and we have actually seen all of these movies but 3 and we only shelled out our own money for two of them. Thanks to the Gentrys and the Peters! Without you I wouldn’t be so culturally savvy. But really, this 10-nomination thing is a killer to the budgeter’s conscience.

Reaction 2: Motive*

* WARNING: this blurb includes a medium sized dose of cynical thoughts

I think having 10 noms for best picture is a transparent way of making the award show more appealing to a bigger audience. Sure, they do it in the name of going back to the original set up, but I know better. A couple years ago, if you asked the average high school or college student (or heck, the average movie goer) what they thought about the nominations they would say that if a movie was nominated it was most likely boring.  Adding more nominations (like the very popular Avatar and The Blind Side from last year) widens the appeal and gives more people the chance for that home team feeling that I need to watch sports. The hoped for result? More people watch, ratings go up and the rich people with the statutes can feel better about themselves. Ok, cynical moment over.

My Predictions

During the Golden Globes (before the awards went out, mind you), I boldly made my sweeping predictions. I declared this the year of The Social Network. And for that award show, I was nearly right. It took home Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Score and Best Adapted Screenplay. The only one I missed was Best Actor. Colin Firth took the Globe home instead of Jesse Eisenberg. I was somewhat surprised, but okay with that. Firth is an excellent actor and with his second nomination in a row, it might be his year. Plus, he was wonderful as the stuttering king who learns how to speak powerfully, face his past and make meaningful relationships in The King’s Speech.

Bottom line, I think The Social Network will take home the same prizes at the Oscars.  And (I am changing teams this time around) Colin Firth will take home Best Actor. I hope Natalie Portman repeats her win and takes home the Best Actress award. She is so cute, but kind of scary (in a great way) in The Black Swan. I am most happy to see Toy Story 3 on the list. I love Pixar and animated films in general. Someday I hope they get the top crown. This may not be the year, but the emotions they were able to evoke through the fate of toys is definitely Best Picture material.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.

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