Super Bowl Greats

3 Feb

Ok, I’m like the majority of Americans. I watch the Super Bowl each year to shamelessly stuff myself with little food, to check out the half time entertainment (“I Gotta Feeling”  it will be an ok night with the Black Eyed Peas taking the stage this year), and to laugh at the commercials. One year during high school, I remember muting the game and just tuning into the ads. I was a little obsessed about homework and the old AP tests at the time. But my favorite Super Bowl memories come from college. Starting sophomore year, my roommates and I hosted a girls only “Pretty in Pink” Super Bowl party. All attendees had to bring a snack and had to wear at least one article of pink clothing to get in the door. As you can imagine very little attention was given to the game. But we had a lot of fun, and I still miss those times! I would definitely award them the “Best Super Bowl Parties” prize. Read on to see my winners in the Best food, halftime show and commercial categories.

Best Food

Confession. I probably eat more on Super Bowl night than on Christmas or Thanksgiving. I just can’t help myself. Most game parties have way too many delectable choices. I usually leave with happy taste buds but intense stomach pain. That’s why for the rest of the year Ike and I have an anti-all-you-can-eat-buffet rule, yuck. But everyone is allowed a once a year splurge, right? The Super Bowl is that time for me. Here are some foods that have stood the test of time, or in other words still make my mouth water when I think about them.

It is only fair to break this category into Best Salty & Best Sweets

Best Salty: A friend from our church in Katy had the recipe for Mexico Chiquito’s cheese dip, and she brought it to our get together last year. I would almost be tempted to bathe in that heavenly cheesy mixture (assuming it wouldn’t scald my body or be completely disgusting).  Lucky for me, I now live in the land of Mexico Chiquito and I can actually see one from my apartment complex. Brainwave! I know what I’m getting for the game!

Best Sweet: By the time senior year came around, our Pretty in Pink parties had grown in attendance and food sophistication. Our last year featured a chocolate fondue pot and that takes the cake in the sweet department. The best dipper? Cookie Dough! All right, this one makes my mouth water and my stomach hurt.

Best Halftime Show

I’m trying to write this post on true memory not via research. If I’m being honest, the shows are usually high on hype and low on entertainment value. But after racking my brain 2 shows stand out.

Most controversial: The first is of course the infamous Justin and Janet escapade. That’ll be something to tell the kids about, huh? “I was in my freshman college dorm room, eating potato skins with the roommates when Justin Timberlake suddenly exposed…” yeah, maybe not.

Most divisive: I also remember the 2007 show with Prince. I think that one stands out because Ike and I were still in the early stages of our relationship and we ‘bickered’ about whether Prince’s performance was the best ever halftime show or not. I’ll let you guess who was on each side.

Best Commercial

This one category is tough not to research. But I’m staying strong and again, I can only remember two spots right now.

Strangest Image:
That’s right, the cat herding spot. I love the seriousness that the, what should I call them –  “catboys”?, discuss their trade. The pride they have in their generations’ worth of experience is clever and hilarious. There is only one flaw; I can never remember what company or product the spot was for. Ok, just looked it up, EDS?? Hmmm Bottom line, very humorous, but not so great of an ad.

Funniest Image: Super Bowl ad time is crowded with beer commercials. I don’t drink beer, but most of the time the commercials make me chuckle. For some reason the one that keeps playing through my head is the one where the guy slips all the way across his satin sheets and out the window. I’ve attached it below, silly and funny. Right?

Wow! So, I’m pumped for this Sunday’s game. Or maybe I should say I’m pumped for the food, show and commercials.

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