Snow Day Activities

4 Feb

Well, it is officially the 3rd snow day of 2011 for the Little Rock working world. Snow is coming down in its beautiful and silent way, and by the looks of it we’re in for the rest of the day. I know a full day cooped up inside could start to feel a little claustrophobic for some of you, especially when snow days are piled on snow days. So here are a few snow day activities to get your weekend started off to a glorious beginning. Have a wonderful Friday! Stay warm and have fun.


A little game action is just the thing to take up long hours inside. All these games will all work for a snowed in crowd or a cozy couple.

Sequence: A tense game of chance and strategy, Sequence is easy to pick up (it is basically a connect 5 game with cards) and can be played with only 2 or up to 12 people.

Skip-Bo: This is the favorite card game in the Peters house. Ike introduced it to me when we were dating, and we’ve played it 10s if not 100s of times throughout our relationship. It is also great for 2 or a crowd and can be adjusted to be a long or short game. Plus, kids can play it, so it’s fun for the whole family (awwww!).

The perfect way to be (kind of) active in doors. We don’t have a Wii, but the last time we were snowed in we went over to a couple’s apartment and totally used them for their gaming system. Just joking! It was a lot of fun and playing tennis, fencing and boating were the perfect diversion.


Movies: This is the great chance to catch up on your ever growing Netflix Instant queue. My only tip? Skip any movies that feature excessive snow storms or hypothermia scenes, no need to make yourself colder in doors.

TV Marathon:
You could also go for a TV series marathon. Pick a favorite show or a new one and watch several episodes at a time! TV on DVD or streaming form is the ultimate addictive pastime.


Soup: So this may be cliché, but soup is known for its warming powers. I have a Spicy Black Bean soup planned for tonight, and I can’t wait. Chili and potato soup are other great options.

I know that I may love baking more than the average person, but I still think that making a big batch of chocolate chip cookies or maybe some warm and gooey brownies from scratch is an engrossing activity with a big reward.

Warm Beverages:
Take the time to make some French Roast coffee or some cocoa from scratch. Then savor your warm beverage. Bonus points for coupling this activity with a game or a movie watching extravaganza.


Drive around: Please be smart about this suggestion! If your local weather man says stay off the roads, stay off the roads. But if the snow is light and you have a snow worthy vehicle, get out and drive around. Take some pictures and see your neighborhood transform before your eyes. This is the best way to experience snow. The heat is on and you can skip the soggy socks and mittens.

Play: Sometimes to really get the most out of the snow you have to endure the soggy socks and mittens, for a little while. At least try to get out for a few minutes. Take your dog on a walk, make a snow creature or even go sledding if you have enough slush. The best part about getting out there? Coming back inside and getting all warm!

Let me know if I’m leaving out an especially great snow day activity!

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