Lessons From a 6-Year-Old

7 Feb

This Saturday, Ike and I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with one of our nieces for a couple of hours. They live in Little Rock too, and we realized that we need to take advantage of living so close to our 7-year-old nephew and twin 6-year-old nieces (all the kids of Ike’s wonderful older sister) in this hilarious time in their life. They are loud, fun and I have to admit overwhelming (at times) in a group and most small spaces. As kid novices, Ike’s mom suggested we start small and host an “Ike & Alexis Day” for each of the kids in turn. We thought that was a grand idea, and finally we got the chance to host one this weekend.  First up was Moriah. How to describe her? Well for starters, she is clumsy, charming, loud, bounding with excitement and energy and, at times, amazingly insightful and hilarious. I still remember 2 Christmases ago when she snuck out of bed and somehow took down the curtains with her. So, with hilarity and cuteness at my disposal, I took the opportunity to take some snap photos and document the occasion. Ready for “Ike, Alexis & Moriah Day?” I sure hope so!

We officially have a visitor! Unless I suddenly wear tiny rain boots.

Ike and Moriah play a specialized version of Last Word: each point is decided by a tense “Rock, Paper, Scissors” round. Moriah says cute things, Ike laughs.

The game was neck and neck, but Moriah wins by a nose.

Now on to Sequence! Although we try to convince her the game is lame (Come on! Just look at the boring white box!), she insists we play. After mastering the matching and sequence concepts I believe Moriah won, again.

Ike gives Moriah a straw for her water. Apparently this is a luxury in a 6-year-old’s world! If only I could get that excited about straws…

We actually had a glittery glow in the dark Tinkerbell puzzle. You know, for rainy days. Look at them! They fit perfectly together! Cheesy moment over.

With each piece snapped into place, Moriah declared she is “really great at puzzles.” At the risk of being repetitive and/or redundant, it was really cute.

“This is the best day ever!” yells Moriah. At this point, I began to let all my adult stress (budgeting, career growth, even house hunting) melt away. I began to realize that little things and family are the important things in life. I had a very conscience-priority check moment. It felt good.

Dance party! I’m not sure if Buster was a willing partner, but who can resist a 6-year-old and a tiny dog waltzing? I sure couldn’t!

Here’s our thinly veiled attempt to gain a child’s love with the promise of cookies for lunch.

“My mom never lets me do this part. She says I’m bad at it.”

The perfect team.

The perfect team 2.0.

Ok, this is when all those warm happy reprioritizing feelings started to melt away, and when my need to take over and clean everything up was almost too strong. And now I realize why maybe Moriah shouldn’t be stirring and why rules for kids are very necessary. Really, I learned quite a few lessons on Saturday.

Buster and Moriah take a break from all their hard work.

Even with all the shady measuring and crazy stirring the cookies came out DELICIOUS! And I definitely can’t take credit for it. Good job, Uncle Ike and Moriah!

Two thumbs up. Please note the chocolate mustache/beard. I’d say we did a good job, huh?

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