2010 Highlights

8 Feb

Before you say anything I know it’s February. Sure, I can barely believe it, but I know, I know.  So why the 2010 highlights now? Well, it seems like I may never make that 2010 Shutterfly book, but I do want to share my photo highlights of the year. And the blog is a great (free) forum for me. So please enjoy the sights! And I hope we all have just as beautiful and exciting 2011.

First up, I’d like to celebrate the Austin trips of the year. While living in the Houston area we had the chance to attend several concerts in the nearby artsy and (proudly) weird Austin. We saw the bouncy and deliriously fun Vampire Weekend, the illustrious but incomprehensible Bob Dylan and the mesmerizingly transcendent Sufjan Stevens. Thank you Austin for a wonderful and musical year!  We also got to enjoy meeting up with friends and seeing the sites.

A “Hi, How Are You?” Daniel Johnston mural. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, but enjoy documentaries about troubled artists you should check out the documentary “The Devil and Daniel Johnston”.

My sister Tyler and her friend Sara giggling about girlish secrets in front of the capital lawn.

Ezra Koenig jamming.

Another fun trend in 2010 for Ike and me was attending Houston Astros games. We went to 3 (which is three more professional Baseball games than we usually attend). I will admit we always got the tickets for free, always went primarily for the food and barely ever paid attention to the guys in the field.  But it was fun! Something about the energy of a baseball game feels very “vacation like” to me.

Houston Astros playing someone.

We also got to enjoy music in Houston by attending the crazy, hot, rainy and muddy Summerfest music festival. It was definitely a…unique…experience.

Girl Talk!

The Flaming Lips close the festival in grand confetti choked style.

Ike is a great husband. He knows I love flowers and he brought me home several bouquets throughout the year especially on days when work was hard or times were just generally stressful.

I love the color lilies bring to my life. I also love tulips. *Hint , Hint*

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in Houston. We lived it up in the swanky Hotel Zaza and then visited the sites we never had time to go to, like the Houston zoo. The only comment I’ll make is that (obvious alert) August is brutally hot in Houston.

The Hotel Zaza.

A baby flamingo.

Finally a Little Rock event! For Ike’s company Christmas party we got to see “A Christmas Story” at the Rep. Although our seats were a lot too close for comfort, it was still a fun night.

And finally, the symbolic sunset of the year picture. I actually snapped this one outside of our apartment complex late in December. We live in a beautiful world, don’t we?

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