Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

9 Feb

For all of you experiencing bitter cold with a smattering of snow/really cold rain, this is the perfect recipe for today. The final product is a warm, gooey and indulgent chocolate-y delight. I dare you to think of a better warming and comforting combo!  Do it! Ok, you’re right, confrontational tone shelved. If you’ve had Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies (also known as “No Bake Cookies”) before, the main difference between this recipe and others is the final presentation. I was taught by the Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Master (aka my mom) to not let the cookies harden, but to plop the oatmeal mixture directly onto plates and eat the cookies via spoon. Just try it. I doubt you’ll go back to your old-fashioned (lame) hardened cookies ways. Oops, I thought that tone was gone!  Sorry. Anyway, to complete the picture turn on your favorite movie, pour yourself a cold glass of milk or a steamy mug of coffee (or both!) and luxuriate. Tempting, I hope! To get the details read on!

1. First I gather out all the “Part I” ingredients:

1 C Sugar

Dash of salt

½ stick of butter

1 TB Cocoa (You can also use dark chocolate cocoa. Yum.)

¼ C milk

2. Combine all above ingredients in a saucepan and mix over medium-high heat. Stir constantly. Try to get used to stirring, you’re about to do a lot of it.

3. Bring the mixture to a boil. TURN OFF BURNER, but leave saucepan in place. Set a timer for 3 minutes and stir like crazy (see, I warned you this was coming). Confession: I used to mess this step up, and I could never make the cookies like Mom did. Mine were always too dry or lacking that “x-factor.” (Sorry! Too much American Idol in my system.) But finally I mastered the heat and timing, and mine are just as good (I won’t say better) than Mom’s. So stick with it! Once you master it, you will have years of warming chocolate-y goodness ahead of you.

4. When the timer goes off, take the pan OFF THE BURNER. I’m yelling to help you, not to hurt you.

5. Gather the remaining ingredients:

1 tsp Vanilla

1 TB (+ a smidge more) Peanut Butter

1 ½ C Oatmeal

6. Add all to pan. Nothing fancy, just dump them in.

7. Stir until all peanut butter is incorporated and all oatmeal flakes? Grains? Things? Whatever, you know, are coated in chocolate.

8. Spoon onto eagerly waiting plates and eat them while they are hot. This recipe can be divided into 2 very healthy, dare I say meal-sized, portions or into as much as 4 for more of a snack-esque portion. If you have more than 4 hungry chocolate lovers, this recipe can easily be doubled.

Again, this is a family recipe that I really love and I hope you get the chance to make and love it too!

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