Good Boy, Buster

17 Feb

Buster and I have started 3-times-a-day walk schedule. It’s almost like we’re on some intense football team or something (ok, you got me, I based that image on Remember the Titans, whatever). I wish I could say that my 3-a-day reasoning was purely based on enjoying the spring-like weather that has finally emerged after all the snow, but that’s not it completely. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I don’t have to bundle in 3+ layers and that Buster no longer returns to our apartment as dripping and shivering pup-cicle. But really, I’ve added a lunch break walk in addition to our morning and evening walks to get more practice. We’ll take the warm weather as a bonus and an encouragement. I’ve realized that with my unique work/job searching from home status, I was missing out on crucial Buster molding opportunities. If I’m going to be upset about his reactive behavior, I have to take serious action. And that’s what I’ve been doing. I am happy to report that he and I are doing better. Does he still growl at dogs and trucks and leaves blowing in the wind? Yeah, sometimes. But I like to believe that his extreme outbursts are dwindling with each extra walk we take. With each foot and paw forward, we get closer to the Good Boy Buster that I know is in there. So to celebrate my new dedication and progress, here are some cute videos and pictures that remind me of all the Good Boy actions Buster already does.

Exhibit A: Buster is a fast trick learner. Can anyone resist this cute rollover? Or am I being one of those dog owners who thinks everything their dog does is gold? You can tell me. I can take it!

Exhibit B: Buster does well with kids. And thank goodness for that!! He’s been tested with some tough kid specimens, aka our nieces and nephew. And through all the screaming and running and ball throwing, he has yet to snap at any of them.

Exhibit C: Buster loves the snow. His ‘puppy-like’ wonder when he plays in it, gave me a lot of joy.

Exhibit D: Buster (again, with the over-zealous owner tendency) is adorable. Right?

Exhibit E: Buster is a great pal, he’s always right there (especially when food is involved).

The end! Have a wonderful Thursday!

2 Responses to “Good Boy, Buster”

  1. Brooke February 17, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    Good idea to do three walks a day! I should try that as well. I’ve been taking Ollie running with me, which he loves!

    • alexispeters February 17, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

      Go for 3-a-day if the weather is nice! It is a great lunch break activity. Buster likes running, but he usually growls and gruffs the entire time. Sigh…

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