2011 Events

18 Feb

2011 is shaping up to be a great year for the Peters. We are experiencing many firsts, celebrating a special third with style, and we even have our fingers crossed for a few exciting possibilities (um, real house hunting please). In the spirit of a fun and hopeful Friday post, I’ll share the events that I’m looking forward to this year! By all means, read on and don’t forget to take time to cherish your exciting upcoming events.  And of course to have a great weekend!

Ike’s First Album

Today marks a historic event in the Peters’ household. Ike will start recording his first studio album tonight. After years of writing songs and recording them in bedrooms, Ike is finally going to record in a real studio (of his friend and boss Isaac Alexander – thanks Isaac!). To make matters even sweeter, one of his best friends from college is driving in from Ohio to drum. A reunion and a recording, these are officially my two favorite ‘Rs’ – for this weekend at least. I’m very excited for him, and like every good rock’n’roll wife, I’m going to make sure his band is well fed with cookies, muffins, pizza and PB& J sandwiches. This is something Ike has wanted for a long time, and I by extension am very excited for him. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll share a track or two from this experience sometime soon. I’m probably biased, but I think Ike has some great material.


My little baby brother Jay is somehow graduating from high school this year. Oh wait, as I constantly have to remind myself, ‘little’ no longer applies as he has also somehow grown to well over 6 feet tall. Good thing I never really picked on him growing up, because he now towers over my meager 5’ 7” stature. Anyway, it is the grand Gentry family tradition that each graduate gets to pick that year’s family vacation, and Jay has wisely chosen an Orlando extravaganza. Over Spring Break Ike and I will be joining my family for a Disney and Universal trip. As a wonderful bonus it will be Ike’s first time to the parks! So readers, prepare yourself, I will be taking spring break off this year!


Ike and I enjoy live performances and so far our first concert opportunity of 2011 promises to be great. The venue is surprising to us and everyone who knows anything about the lovely Searcy, AR. But whether we believe it or not our Alma Mater, Harding University, is hosting The Medders, The Sheriffs, Delta Spirit and the Avett Brothers all on the weekend of April 1st. Wow. We plan to go and live it up, visit our friends and probably hit up the new Zaxby’s (Searcy is a small town, ok?) all while enjoying great folksy rock music. That is going to be a great weekend.

Our 3rd Anniversary

Although it is hard to believe, I don’t think Ike and I can be considered true ‘newlyweds’ anymore. We are celebrating three years of marriage this August!  As I’ve shared before, I’m kind of a freak about holidays and our anniversary is no different. So far, we’ve made it a point to really celebrate each year. Our first year we spent a couple nights in San Antonio, the second we explored Houston, and this year I think we are going to visit Eureka Springs. I’ve heard it is a quirky and romantic little town and I’m very excited to visit! We always make sure to stay in a nice hotel and have a generous ‘special meal’ budget for the weekend. After all our saving efforts throughout the rest of the year, our Anniversary weekend is an obvious and welcome break from that discipline.

Possible Happenings:

As I alluded to, we’d love to leave renting behind and buy our first home. But as with all our financial decisions we’re only going to buy if we can put down as much as we need to. Ideally we want a 15 year mortgage. Sigh…being an adult is tough!

I also hope to see a play this year – particularly Beauty and the Beast. I’ve never seen it, and basically I really WANT to. It’ll be in Little Rock for only 3 days this May, so I’m not sure if it will work out, but I have my fingers crossed.

And end scene. Again enjoy your (hopefully) nice weather and have a great weekend!

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