22 Feb

For almost a year, I’ve been part of the Twitter community. The more I see, the more I like.  One of my friends (the dazzling Emily) once likened Twitter to an exclusive dinner party where Tweeters drift from one snazzy conversation to the next. Ok, is anyone else picturing the party scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  If not, here you go.

Ok, my feed is nowhere near that chaotic or alcohol infused, but I think the clip provides a valid image. Twitter is a bustling social outlet. Conversations buzz from all directions. News breaks. People laugh. People complain. And it all happens in one noisy (in a good way) place.

I’ve had the opportunity to be on Twitter as myself and as two different brands, and I must say that I’ve learned to love Twitter for a whole bunch of reasons. You wanna hear ‘em? Then read on!

Keep in Touch

Twitter is the best venue to get up to the minute updates on people. Sure they may not be the juiciest details of peoples’ lives, but most peoples’ Twitter feed will give you an idea of what their job, average days and major interests are like. So after not talking to a pal for months or years, via Twitter I know when she is late for work, if it is cold in her office or if she has a headache. The updates may be mundane at times, but they are also up to date and personal. Suddenly, I have insight on the rhythm of her life again, and it helps me reestablish connection with a long lost college buddy quickly.

Get in Touch

Twitter is all about your local scene and discovering people with common interests.  I’ve found it especially useful in my job search process. I can ‘advertise’ my blog and my desire to find a writing centric position. And I can also find local businesses I’m interested in applying to and people who have jobs similar to what I want to be doing. Following someone on Twitter is a non-invasive way to connect online, and that connection may develop into an interesting job opportunity.  Twitter can also translate to Tweetups where you can meet the local Tweeters in your community in real life (IRL for those of you who want to be ‘with it’). And finally, it is easy to find people with common interests on Twitter. I’ve gotten some great recipes from fellow bakers, tips on dog walking from fellow animal lovers and I’m even on a list of fellow Stephen King fans.

Build Brands

Twitter is an incredibly easy way for a business to connect directly with customers. Not only can a business quickly address any complaints that a follower may bring up, but a brand (if savvy, of course) can build relationships with clients. How? By joining the conversation with a defined and personable attitude, sharing relevant articles, promoting local events and re-tweeting their followers to name just a few options. Twitter can also make a brand seem more real and less cold and corporate to their followers, who will then be more likely to check out that brand’s site at the very least. At best, they will make an investment in the company’s services or products.

That’s it for space, and I haven’t even gotten to Ike’s uncanny ability to win things on Twitter. Thanks to his Twitter prowess we got to see Bob Dylan! But that’s enough for today, please enjoy your afternoon.

Oh, and after all that talk, you can check out my Twitter profile if you want. I’m @alexispeters11.

2 Responses to “Twitterpated”

  1. Michal February 23, 2011 at 2:19 pm #

    I signed up… but I can’t figure it out quite yet. Did you ask for a king cake? I have a recipe if you want it.

    • alexispeters February 24, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

      Yeah, it does take a while to figure out. Thankfully, I had Ike to help me out. Feel free to ask questions, but I’m not promising to give the ‘perfect’ answer;) As for the king cake recipe – yes I’d love it! Do you have my gmail address?

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