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Breakfast for Dinner Again? Ohhhh Yeah!

31 Mar

Here’s another breakfast for dinner option! And the crowd goes wild! Right?

Well, at least I think that theme went over well last week. Or maybe you get a sequel because another breakfast item just happened to sneak its way onto my menu again? I leave you with a mystery for the ages. Either way, I present to you ‘Breakfast for Dinner PartII: Eggstravagant (or Eggcellent depending on your egg pun preference) Spinach and Italian Cheese Omelets. I also had an assistant last night, the handsome and helpful Ike. So you get a bonus side…drum roll …cinnamon toast! We complimented the feast with some decaf. No step-by-step on that one, though. If you don’t know how to make coffee, please call me or a trusted coffee lover ASAP! Now, on to the recipes.

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My Addictions

30 Mar

Last night during a quick trip to Kroger I realized I may just have an addiction. I looked in my basket and was somewhat shocked by the uniformity of the contents – coffee and decaf coffee (ok, and maybe some candy).  If you are wondering what kind of person makes a special mid-week trip to the grocery store just to buy two kinds of coffee that would be me. But I can’t help myself. I love coffee. I dare say that I’m addicted. And the more I thought about my ‘addiction’ to coffee, the more I realized there are other things I just can’t live without, like [insert shocking drug name here – audience participation, fun right?] Haha! Please believe me, that was a JOKE. Ike suggested it; he’s all about the shock factor. Anyway, today I’m using the blog to share my addictions. Oh no! Maybe I’m addicted to sharing things on my blog? The guilt circle is getting more and more complex! Read on, have fun and enjoy your Wednesday.

Although these two guys didn't make the official list, I'm pretty addicted to having them in my life!

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100th Post

29 Mar

Yes, you CAN believe your eyes! I am typing at this very moment the 100th post on my blog. And instead of going with my first idea (randomly listing 100 things I like) or with my Kindergarten teacher’s idea (wearing a t-shirt with 100 objects attached to it) I thought I’d commemorate this milestone with blogging lessons I’ve learned so far. And we’ll go with a more manageable number like 5 or 10 lessons, depending on how inspired my brain is this morning. I can’t always count on the thinking power to produce a 10-item list every day, but I’ll do my best. And without any more rambling, I present to you my 100th post blogging retrospective. Yaaay!

This picture of Buster’s ponderous relaxing position is free! Enjoy!

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Quotable Movies

28 Mar

Most families have certain movies that seep into their daily colloquial. Quotes and allusions from watched and re-watched films that gain heightened meaning after being repeatedly used as a punch line in family jokes. My family growing up and my current little family are no different. We wrap ourselves in the quotes of these movies like a familiar blanket, both warm and comforting. And this warming and comforting imagery is perfect for this (at least in Little Rock) non-Spring day. When threatening clouds and shrill winds have overtaken the sun’s expected place in the late March sky. So, in other words, to brighten your Monday, here are some of the movies and their best lines that make me laugh both because they are funny and because of the context I’ve heard them used in my family circle. Enjoy! And I hope you can be warmed by your own memories of your family’s most quotable movies.

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Breakfast for Dinner? Yes, Please

25 Mar

Every once in a while, whipping up a quick batch of pancakes sounds better than whipping up anything else for dinner. Last night was one of those nights. Ike and I went over to his sister’s house to meet their fam’s newest addition, Dylan.

He's a cutie, huh?

By the time we got home, walked Buster and were ready to cook, it was after 7. (Gasp! I should turn in my pearls. Just joking I don’t have any pearls. Ike…) In other words, I had no time to start anything complex or time consuming. But I did have time to heat up the griddle, mix up a few staple ingredients and still indulge in a delectable meal. I may or may not eat pancakes nearly every Saturday morning, so you should probably trust my pancake-making prowess. I use a basic pancake recipe, but I add a couple extra touches to get as close to perfection as possible. Ready for a fun Friday recipe post? I thought so!

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That Guy from Riverfest

24 Mar

I will admit that my music festival experience is limited. Last year’s Houston Summerfest was my first foray into that scene. Honestly, I’m not sure I was ready. Getting to check out great new bands like Givers, and seeing bands that I’d actually heard and enjoyed their stuff like Ra Ra Riot and Stars were definite highlights. And hands down, I had the most fun during Girl Talk’s show, crazy dance party that it was. All of that was good. The downsides weren’t exactly the other people there. In fact, the crowd provided excellent people watching opportunities. I still remember one girl who fixated our whole group. She wore the same leopard print accented green bikini each day with a belted tail (yes, really), cared nothing about the establishment of female shaving (more power to her?) and was an excellent hula hooper. Yes, those exist, I have seen them. They really grooved to the music on a whole new level. No, the downside side was the smell (smoke of ALL kinds) and the rainy weather that made the natural amphitheater hill a slippery mud trap. That was almost too much for me.

The muddy low point of Houston Summerfest.

But the negative memories have faded and I am eagerly anticipating my first Little Rock music festival opportunity, Riverfest. And what has piqued my interest even more than the headliner; Mr. it is getting “Hot in Herre” himself, Nelly, is the festival’s new hilarious spokesperson. To check out my take on him and to check out his great web presence read on!

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Orlando Experience III: The Real Lessons*

23 Mar

*Cue dramatic music

Originally I’d planned to spend a post on both Disney and Universal and be done with my illustrious Orlando Experience series. But a nagging feeling in my gut region urged me to write (at least) one more. And as a blogger, I’ve learned to listen to my nagging feelings. So here I go. These lessons are of a slightly more dramatic caliber than how to master Fast Pass strategies (although, really, that helps gain ultimate park enjoyment). Instead, they are overarching life lessons that kept hitting me as the week progressed. Little instances that would remind me of what’s truly important and my character flaws that need fine tuning. Yes, even I have a few character flaws. So, if you’re willing, read on to see what a week in Orlando can really teach you. Oh and yes, state of Florida, you can totally pay me for all the blog play I’m giving you if you want.

Jay waiting for the American Idol Experience to rock his world.

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Orlando Experience II: Universal Fun

22 Mar

Well hello there! I’m glad you stopped by for the second installment of my Orlando Experience series. Hope you slept, despite all of your anticipation. This time I’ll share the Worst, Best and (super helpful) tips for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. If you are lucky enough to be planning an upcoming Orlando Experience of your own, I highly recommend including the Studios and Islands in your itinerary. I said I found Disney more magical this time around, but I think that is because Disney is more expansive and has more attractions, and not because Universal is fundamentally lacking in anything. Plus after 4 days of hitting Disney hard, my mid-twenties energy wasn’t what my teenage energy had been the last time around. Sad, right? Anyway, I’d say it is worth at least 2 days of your vacation if not a bit more, depending on your speed walking abilities, where you stay, and whether it is Spring Break week in Texas or not. But I’ll get into that later. We had 4 days in the parks, and we got to experience all of our favorite attractions multiple times with some reading time to spare. Ready for my review? I thought so!

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Orlando Experience I: Disney’s Magic

21 Mar

Good morning! As most of you are either just finishing your Spring Break or just starting it, I hope you won’t mind me taking a couple of days to share my Orlando adventure insights. As I can’t really hear what any of you are saying, I’m going to assume you are dying to hear my review of Disney and Universal and desperate to see my pictures. Thanks, that means so much to me! So without further ado, here are my thoughts about Disney World. I’ll cover the best and worst attractions as well as some strategies on how to really enjoy the parks. You ready? Let’s go!

Cherish this family photo, it is probably the only one with all 5 of us that’s been taken since my wedding.

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Bath Day for Buster

9 Mar

Buster emits a memorable smell. He sports a mix of decaying leaves wrapped in dead bird that can only be temporarily neutralized by his Tropical Breeze shampoo. The first time he bursts outside after a bath, the odors resting in the wooded crevices behind our place or in the poor dead frog just beside the sidewalk rise from their resting places to reclaim their nests in his tangled brindle fur. One day after a bath, he may be more Tropical Breeze than stagnant rain puddle, but give him half a week and he’s back to his familiar earthy musk. Today he earned a bath because he’s about to be a guest at ‘Mimi & Pete’s house’ (aka my in-laws) for about a week and a half. I wouldn’t feel right handing them a completely smelly dog. But all I can really do is deliver a slightly less smelly dog. I can’t help that he will slowly gain his repugnant odor throughout his visit. Although he can reach gag worthy levels, I find myself missing his little face and smell at odd moments. One hint of Buster smell and thoughts of home and Ike and everything I love come rushing into the corners of my mouth granting me a smile. But giving him, at least, monthly baths keeps us from having a biohazard living in our home. And today, I just happened to have a camera with me to record this event. So if you are in the mood to see a totally adorable (overly doting owner alert) dog get a tiny bit cleaner, please read on!

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