2011 Resolutions: March Reality Check

2 Mar

I know February is actually the shortest month, but this year it felt extra short. Right? Due to this strange time warp situation (excuses, excuses, I know) most of my resolutions are unfortunately in about the same place they were 28ish days ago. But the only way to really make progress is to keep reminding myself of these goals and to keep chronicling my progress even if (ahem) they aren’t moving forward. So here we are yet again, revisiting those resolutions.

Reading References:

Original Resolution Post & February Reality Check

This time I’ve broken my goals into categories based on progress level. I can’t help myself. I’m a categorizer.

Ahead of Schedule Resolutions:

Read at least 1 novel per month: Ha, I’m going to predict that this is the only category I’m going to stay ahead of schedule. Why? Simply put, reading is my passion. Besides I need some fluff goals with all the toughies below, that’s basic psychology or something, right? Anyway, this month I read The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest to finish out Stieg Larsson’s nail biting series. Both were great reads for adult readers. One focuses on the mysteries of growing up, while the other highlights the strength of women and the intrigue of the Swedish government. Alexis approved and recommended? YES!

Resolutions with new progress to report

Do some cheap fun house (ok apartment) décor projects: If you read my In-House Shopping post you’d know that I have finally completed the look of my sitting area. We won’t talk about how long it took me; we are celebrating new progress here. But I still have pictures leaning where they should be hanging. To our credit, Ike and I did try to hang some without the help of a measuring implement. But we took them down with embarrassment, extra holes in our wall and a lesson learned. We aren’t good estimators. Must buy or borrow a yard stick or a measuring tape asap!

Teach Buster a new trick: I’ve shifted my focus to rehabilitating Buster so that he no longer barks and growls at his fellow dogs on our walks. That would definitely be a new trick, and the only one I really care if he achieves. As I’ve shared, to work toward that goal I’ve started 3 a day walks. And soon, Ike and I are going to get our little fur brain observed by some professionals so we can get some more guidance. We’ve got more specific Buster goals that we have posted around the house. Impressive, huh? We are dedicated. I’ll let you know if any breakthrough occurs in this area.

Keep in touch with my college pals: I now officially know the weekend when our reunion will take place. I know I will be there, and now I just have to pester everyone else until they also commit to the weekend as well. I may look cute, but I can be persuasive if need be.

Close to completion, but not quite

Find a church home in Little Rock: I think we have actually picked a church, but we have not formally placed membership. This process has been tough because it kept making me miss my church home and friends back in Katy. But as a seasoned mover I know that wherever I may live, I will make friends and build bonds with people. So I think that despite the ups and downs this has been a good experience, especially for Ike and me to go through as a couple. I hope that by the April report I can declare this resolution ‘completed’!

Find a way to generate income while doing work I love: I finished out my Black Sheep internship in February, and I really appreciate the experience I gained from my time with them. I got to write some of their blog posts and run some of their Social Media campaigns. Now I am focusing on finding a full time creative position in Little Rock. I feel like I’m getting close, but no details until I officially land a job (knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder, no stepping on cracks, going under a ladder , opening an umbrella indoors or breaking mirrors – yes I need a little luck to go with all my writing skills).

Continue saving for a house down payment: We still don’t have all the savings we need, but it is early yet. However, we are continually tweaking our search and getting a better idea of what we are looking for. In other news, I may be forming an addiction to MLS searching.

Continue my daily disciplines: Still reading the Bible and working out at least 5 days a week.

Resolutions that haven’t left the idealist page yet.

Try out foods that I have put on the “gross” list

Learn a song on the guitar

Well, last month I had 3 resolutions that I hadn’t touched. Yay me!

I still want to re-try eating melons and tomatoes. And I will. Soon. I bet.

As for the guitar, I was recently inspired by how musical Ike and his family are. Last weekend he and his sister both played the guitar and sang duets. During the session, I kept wishing that my fingers knew what to do on the guitar too. Maybe I’ve been inspired to yet again pick up the guitar, toughen my fingers and practice. Maybe.

So I am chipping away at my resolutions. I hope to add a ‘Completed’ category next month. Oh, yeah.

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