iTunes Purchases Part II

3 Mar

I finally made 2 more iTunes purchases. It only took me (just over) 2 months! I hope the lag says more about my careful shopping practices than my lack of music love. I honestly forgot about my remaining balance until during the Oscars when I impulsively told Ike he should buy me a certain soundtrack. That’s when he reminded me that I still have iTunes credit. Woo-hoo! It was like getting the cards in my stocking all over again. So this morning, I reflected on my first iTunes choices, reviewed my potential buys and made my awesome, but only-to-be-revealed-below-the-break purchases. Is that enough of a cliffhanger to make you click Continue Reading? I sure hope so!

Choices Review

First I’d like to say that my first two purchases were solid. But so far, I’ve listened to The Welcome Wagon more. They are perfect to groove to during short car trips or to enjoy as a backdrop to baking or writing. But I still feel confident about my Dirty Projectors purchase even if it has gotten less play. The album demands more attention and unfortunately, I rarely allow myself the time to just sit and listen. But what I’ve been able to focus on was worth the investment, and I’m excited to keep listening.

Now on to the new choices!

Neko Case – Middle Cyclone (Bonus Track Version)

After some of our friends named their cat Neko, I knew I had to check out this cat-name-worthy artist. At first I thought they named their new feline friend after Nico of “These Days”, her-voice-is-so-weird-it-is-intriguing fame, but then I learned there was another Neko: A singer with a great voice and who is actually a contributor to one of my favorite bands, The New Pornographers (sorry, mom, I don’t know why they named the band that, they’re Canadian).  From what I’ve heard of the album so far, her voice is soothing and interesting and her songs are mid-tempo yet multi-layered. A lot like The NP’s which is a great thing. I’m even reminded a little bit of Feist, another favorite female lead of mine who is also a revolving member of a Canadian mega-band. Small world, huh? All in all, I think I’ve made another good choice! Cue the I-just-bought-good-new-music dance! And no, don’t even ask to see it.

Ok, I did it! I bought the Tangled Soundtrack

I just could not help myself. I saw this movie twice in theaters (with free tickets both times, but still twice as many viewings as most movies). And I was pleasantly entertained by the characters, the adventure and of course the music. Alan Menken, of great Disney musicals like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, brings a lot of magic into Tangled. I also have to say that Mandy Moore’s voice is perfect for a princess, pure and peppy. And if you don’t get chills during “I See the Light” then I just don’t know what to say. We are different people and I have to accept that. See how mature I am? The soundtrack will be fun to listen to and sing along to. It is beautiful and light. Plus, its classic Disney sound will help me get pumped for my quickly approaching Orlando vacation.

I have the credit for one more purchase. I’m still leaning toward The Decemberists, but I may let that marinate for a couple more days before committing.  I just can’t pick which album of theirs should be my first.

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