Orlando Fever

4 Mar

Ok, I can’t wait anymore; I have to write about my upcoming Orlando extravaganza. One week from today, I will once again set foot on the (oops, why did my fingers want to type ‘hallowed’) ah, yes, let’s go with the more apt and appropriate, ‘magical,’ ground of Disney World. I haven’t been there for 7 years and I haven’t taken a real vacation for almost 3. Please don’t misread the stats, though. I’m not saying that my life is horrible (hardly!), I just want to emphasize that this is a major event for me. And, as I’ve shared before, this visit is a big deal because Ike has never set foot in Orlando. He’ll be like a kid again! Well, like a kid in Disney for the first time. Plus the whole Gentry fam will be there, so I’m sure we’ll make plenty of hilarious memories. Six people in 1 hotel suite is a sure way to produce vivid experiences, and our intense theme park strategies are another exhausting and amusing method.  We show up when the park opens and stay there until the fireworks show. We usually hit the ground running, quite literally. We speed walk to the back of the park, loudly announcing where we aren’t going to throw people off our trail. And although we are all pretty much adults (my brother will be 19 this year!) we always stay in a group. So needless to say, that is A LOT of togetherness. Ok, you ready for the details? I hope you enjoy this fun Friday post of Orlando anticipations. Have a great weekend, and read on!

Disney Anticipation:

We are hitting Disney for the first 4 days of the vacation. And although I will admit that Universal is probably my preferred park, Disney still has a ton to offer, especially considering we have a Disney ‘virgin’ on our hands. So rides we may have skimmed over like “It’s a Small World” we will take the time to experience. Who doesn’t enjoy hearing over 300 (creepy-ish) dolls sing and sing and sing a dangerously addictive tune? I think every Disney visitor should do it at least once. Plus, now that I’m an adult, I appreciate more mellow parts of the park like Epcot a lot more, especially the delicious food part.

What’s my favorite ride? Well, I’d have to say the Tower of Terror. I love just standing in line for it. The world of that ride is so real, from the hotel grounds, to the lobby to that unpredictable elevator.

New attractions

Expedition Everest – when browsing through the Animal Kingdom site I noticed this unfamiliar jewel. I am totally ready to take whatever Mount Everest and the Yeti have to offer.

Soarin’ – I found this one on the Epcot site. Did it replace the Nascar ride? Anyway, it looks like an interesting experience. I’ve never been to California, so this should be a nice bird’s view preview.

Universal Anticipation:

We have Universal Studios enjoyment down to an art. The secret? Stay in one of the park’s hotels (NOTE: this secret also includes visiting the park with generous parents). That way, you get a ‘Fast Pass’ onto each of the rides. It actually almost makes things too easy.  But, I promise the guilt of waltzing past crowds of hot, tired line-dwelling people wears off quickly. With a fast pass for each ride, we get to ride and re-ride our favorites. I love both sides of Universal. The Studios’ side let’s you experience favorite films like Jaws 2. Seriously. In that park, I’m most excited to ride the Mummy Returns coaster, which was just in testing when we were there last. I’m most disappointed to see that a Simpson’s ride has replaced Back To The Future. How could they? I will let you know if my disappointment is founded. And Ike is most excited to ride the E.T. Adventure. Maybe that will keep him from getting that E.T. biking across the moon scene tattooed on his chest for at least a little while? I sincerely hope so!

But I have to say that I probably love Island of Adventure the most of any park in Orlando. Much like the Tower of Terror, almost every inch of the park creates a world that makes the ride experiences that much more real. Spider Man is probably my favorite, but I’m completely pumped to check out the new Harry Potter world.

Again, I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be back for the first half of next week, so it is not good-bye yet. However, I do promise a follow up post on my updated Orlando impressions – stay tuned!

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