Dizzy for Dizzy’s

7 Mar

This weekend, a disappointing situation turned into a delicious one. Ike and his team at work had to completely rehash a project starting Friday afternoon that was due today. In other words, they had to re-do a week’s worth of work in 3 days. Meaning Ike had to work late on Friday so his co-workers could start their part of the project bright and early on Saturday. At first I was (understandably, right?) upset. But when Ike’s bosses told him to grab a bite on them, and that I could come too, things started to brighten considerably. Here’s a well-kept Alexis secret (shhh, come closer). I am motivated by food. Especially free food. I guess my secret is out. Oops. Anyway, by the time we were both down in the River Market area, The Flying Fish, the restaurant we’ve both never tried and that is right below his office, had a line nearly out the door. I was at the ‘give me food or suffer the consequences’ state, so we kept looking. That’s when Ike remembered a place that reportedly had great cheese dip. So we headed toward Dizzy’s. When we were told they only had a 10 minute wait, we were sold. I rank this ‘Gypsy Bistro’ among the tastiest I’ve tried since I’ve lived in Little Rock. Wanna know why? I thought so, just click continue reading.

The Ambiance

I still may not know what ‘Gypsy Bistro’ means exactly, but if it connotes having lots of colorful chandeliers, funky art covering the walls and some interestingly named dishes on the menu, then Dizzy’s fits the bill. The inside of the restaurant makes the diner feel like they are out on the town and bound to have a good time. And let me tell you, the ambience did not lie.

The Service

Our waitress was extremely sweet. She was attentive and seemed genuinely happy to keep our water glasses full and our food coming. Her service complimented the food nicely.

The Cheese Dip

Now on to the reportedly delicious cheese dip. Simply put, the reports were all too true. The dip is a blend of creamy cheeses topped with a dollop of sour cream and salsa and served with a basketful of crunchy, multi-color chips. The resulting combination is an addictive and rich cheesy sensation. I am ashamed to report that my will power was on vacation and I was nearly full by the time my actual meal came out. But it was worth it.

The Food

The menu had a wide variety of choices, but we kept away from the $20+ entries and the $15+ pasta. The under $10 sandwiches seemed like an appropriate choice to pair with an intense appetizer. Although I had limited stomach space, I had enough to appreciate my roasted turkey sandwich, served with a generous plateful of fries and accented with tomatoes and a cilantro infused mayo sauce. Yes, reader, I did not ask for ‘no tomatoes’ and I did not take them off my sandwich. And you know what? They weren’t that bad! The bonus of eating too much cheese dip was that I had most of my fries and ½ of my sandwich to take home and enjoy later in the weekend. That fit perfectly into my plan to buy the least amount of groceries possible before we leave for Orlando.

The Bottom Line

If you couldn’t tell from all the glowing adjectives I’ve splattered on the page, I really enjoyed Dizzy’s. I think it would be a great place to take out of town guests to impress them with Little Rock food and of course, it could also be a romantic and fun date night. My first experience was memorable, and I have confidence that my next visit will be just as good.

Until tomorrow!!

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