Bath Day for Buster

9 Mar

Buster emits a memorable smell. He sports a mix of decaying leaves wrapped in dead bird that can only be temporarily neutralized by his Tropical Breeze shampoo. The first time he bursts outside after a bath, the odors resting in the wooded crevices behind our place or in the poor dead frog just beside the sidewalk rise from their resting places to reclaim their nests in his tangled brindle fur. One day after a bath, he may be more Tropical Breeze than stagnant rain puddle, but give him half a week and he’s back to his familiar earthy musk. Today he earned a bath because he’s about to be a guest at ‘Mimi & Pete’s house’ (aka my in-laws) for about a week and a half. I wouldn’t feel right handing them a completely smelly dog. But all I can really do is deliver a slightly less smelly dog. I can’t help that he will slowly gain his repugnant odor throughout his visit. Although he can reach gag worthy levels, I find myself missing his little face and smell at odd moments. One hint of Buster smell and thoughts of home and Ike and everything I love come rushing into the corners of my mouth granting me a smile. But giving him, at least, monthly baths keeps us from having a biohazard living in our home. And today, I just happened to have a camera with me to record this event. So if you are in the mood to see a totally adorable (overly doting owner alert) dog get a tiny bit cleaner, please read on!

Poor little guy. He doesn’t quite know what’s going to happen, but his doggy sense is tingling.

Here are some homemade peanut buttery treats that I use to bribe Buster to sit still and endure the dreaded emersion.

I find pouring the water is the best way to ease him into the cleaning process. So humane of me, right?

Buster, give me your best ‘soap toleration face’.  Good boy?

And finally we are done! Believe me, I spared you the dreaded rinse and repeat process. But where’s Buster?

There he is! Come on, that’s cute, isn’t it?

So, as I’ve alluded to before, I’m going on a blog vacation until March 21st. So you all stay classy until then! I’ll be back refreshed and ready to share more great recipes, Buster stories, life observations, entertainment reviews and bits and pieces in between. Have a great week! I’ll be back soon.


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