That Guy from Riverfest

24 Mar

I will admit that my music festival experience is limited. Last year’s Houston Summerfest was my first foray into that scene. Honestly, I’m not sure I was ready. Getting to check out great new bands like Givers, and seeing bands that I’d actually heard and enjoyed their stuff like Ra Ra Riot and Stars were definite highlights. And hands down, I had the most fun during Girl Talk’s show, crazy dance party that it was. All of that was good. The downsides weren’t exactly the other people there. In fact, the crowd provided excellent people watching opportunities. I still remember one girl who fixated our whole group. She wore the same leopard print accented green bikini each day with a belted tail (yes, really), cared nothing about the establishment of female shaving (more power to her?) and was an excellent hula hooper. Yes, those exist, I have seen them. They really grooved to the music on a whole new level. No, the downside side was the smell (smoke of ALL kinds) and the rainy weather that made the natural amphitheater hill a slippery mud trap. That was almost too much for me.

The muddy low point of Houston Summerfest.

But the negative memories have faded and I am eagerly anticipating my first Little Rock music festival opportunity, Riverfest. And what has piqued my interest even more than the headliner; Mr. it is getting “Hot in Herre” himself, Nelly, is the festival’s new hilarious spokesperson. To check out my take on him and to check out his great web presence read on!

I may be jumping the gun here a little bit, (Riverfest isn’t until May) but I am very excited to see the Riverfest 2011 campaign unfold. During my internship at The Black Sheep Agency, I wrote a post about Twitter Mascots. And I am excited to see a new brand spokesperson emerge so close to home. From what I see so far, That Guy from Riverfest is a great spokesperson example.

So what makes him a good spokesperson, in my humble opinion?

His Character

That Guy’s Episode #1: A Formal Introduction

He’s a surprisingly well spoken, heavily bearded, interestingly tattooed and, of course, cut off wearing shirtless lover of Riverfest. Instead of hiding that fact that people watching opportunities are sure to abound at the festival, he revels in it and every other aspect of Riverfest from the food to the porter potties. I enjoy the reveling, I applaud the reveling.

Interaction with fans

He has an active Twitter account with a growing follower base. He is a consistent character and answers any and all questions. He has already attracted local attention, and even grabbed a cover story in Sync Weekly magazine. So in short, he is already very real to the community.

Last and Best – His videos

Want more? Here’s his 2nd Episode: Open Up & Say…Poison

Like other great Twitter Mascots, he has expanded beyond Twitter. His blog where he presents his webisodes give even more reality to the character. Plus, the imagery and subtle jokes make the videos fun even if you have no Riverfest plans. Watch and then tell me how much you agree with me!

Here are his other 2 current videos.

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