My Addictions

30 Mar

Last night during a quick trip to Kroger I realized I may just have an addiction. I looked in my basket and was somewhat shocked by the uniformity of the contents – coffee and decaf coffee (ok, and maybe some candy).  If you are wondering what kind of person makes a special mid-week trip to the grocery store just to buy two kinds of coffee that would be me. But I can’t help myself. I love coffee. I dare say that I’m addicted. And the more I thought about my ‘addiction’ to coffee, the more I realized there are other things I just can’t live without, like [insert shocking drug name here – audience participation, fun right?] Haha! Please believe me, that was a JOKE. Ike suggested it; he’s all about the shock factor. Anyway, today I’m using the blog to share my addictions. Oh no! Maybe I’m addicted to sharing things on my blog? The guilt circle is getting more and more complex! Read on, have fun and enjoy your Wednesday.

Although these two guys didn't make the official list, I'm pretty addicted to having them in my life!


I’ll take the chance to repeat myself. I love coffee. Its warm sweet goodness is a beloved part of my morning. And on the rare occasions I actually visit a coffee establishment, I always relish the great conversation a good cup of coffee can produce (I’ve recently discovered decaf Americanos – YUM). But on the average day, I limit myself to the solitary caffeinated mug. I think I pulled back from my college levels (3 travel mugs full/day) when I realized that when I drank too much coffee I got dizzy and shaky and when I drank too little I got headachy. So yes, I have felt the physical side effects of caffeine. Ugly. But I think I’ve reached the happy medium of a moderate coffee drinker and I see no reason to eliminate it completely from my life. Ok, be honest, does that sound like I’m justifying my behavior? Wait, you don’t have to answer, either way I’m hooked!

Lip Balm

During my recent foray to Orlando, my family and I realized we all shared an addiction. A couple of days at the beginning of our adventure we forgot to bring any lip balm into the park and after a few hours our lips were crying out for something, anything to be spread on them. That’s when we started talking about the fact that our lips were probably addicted to some form of moisturizer. But to quote my sister, “I’d rather be addicted to lip balm than have crusty, dry lips.” Agreed. I really couldn’t have said it any better. For those of you struggling with lip balm addiction, I have learned over the years that Burt’s Bees brand causes less severe withdrawal pains and helps your lips maintain a moisturized feel for longer than other brands. And believe me; they are not paying me anything to say that. Although, they totally could if they wanted.

Sun Glasses

I didn’t start wearing sun glasses regularly until about a year or so ago. Before that time, I could go out on a sunny day, see just fine and experience zero pain. But once I incorporated sun glasses into my routine (because I read that is the best way to stave off wrinkles, so sue me) I have noticed that my eyes simply cannot stand a sunny day without them. It hurts. I feel like a mole struggling to find its way after a lifetime of utter darkness. But again, now that I’m hooked, I see no real reason to quit sunglasses. But I do realize that they were something I didn’t need before and now I can’t live, drive or walk around outside without.


My current reading project!

Strange addiction, I know, but I feel it is valid. I have been constantly reading one book or another since about the 2nd grade. That is a continual stream of reading that I won’t and can’t stop. If for even a couple hours I don’t have a book project going, I get this lost feeling. Akin to the how I feel when I misplace something, start looking for it, and then forget what I’m looking for mid-search. Not good. But again, reading broadens my world perspective, builds my vocabulary and refines my sense of grammar and style. Where’s the bad? But can I live without it? I could, but I wouldn’t be happy.

Gilmore Girls

Lately, in my job searching/blogging state, I’ve taken to eating my lunches over a nice Gilmore Girls episode. I’m actually not sure what I’m going to do, as I’ve worked my way through all the seasons (in the last 6 months or so) and am about to finish the final one. Will I start back over again? Will I just switch to reading lunches? Will I find a new show addiction? I simply can’t answer those questions. But I do know that I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on and off since I was a senior in high school. For some reason, I can’t get enough of the small town charm, witty banter and heart of the show.

So that’s it. I’ve laid it all out for you. My shocking addictions. Stuff I’ve realized that I’d rather not do without. They may not be damaging, but it is interesting to investigate things that have elevated from a luxury to a must-have in your mind. Until tomorrow!

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