Breakfast for Dinner Again? Ohhhh Yeah!

31 Mar

Here’s another breakfast for dinner option! And the crowd goes wild! Right?

Well, at least I think that theme went over well last week. Or maybe you get a sequel because another breakfast item just happened to sneak its way onto my menu again? I leave you with a mystery for the ages. Either way, I present to you ‘Breakfast for Dinner PartII: Eggstravagant (or Eggcellent depending on your egg pun preference) Spinach and Italian Cheese Omelets. I also had an assistant last night, the handsome and helpful Ike. So you get a bonus side…drum roll …cinnamon toast! We complimented the feast with some decaf. No step-by-step on that one, though. If you don’t know how to make coffee, please call me or a trusted coffee lover ASAP! Now, on to the recipes.

Let’s start with the bonus side first.

The Players

Here’s what you need to make your cinnamon toast dreams come true. (Yields 2 pieces of deliciousness)

Butter (somewhere between a smidge and a glob, or enough to coat 2 slices of bread)

2 T white sugar (I bet you could try it with brown sugar, too!)

1 tsp cinnamon

2 pieces of your favorite bread

The Action

1. Toast bread. If this seems too easy to be true, it isn’t. Believe me.

2. Whilst bread toasts, melt butter on a plate for a few seconds in the microwave for ultimate dipping coverage and mix the sugar and spice in small bowl.

3. Now compile your masterpiece, or dip the toasted bread in melted butter and then spread some of the sweetness on both sides.

Now on to the main attraction!

The Omelet players!

2 eggs

2 TB water

1 TB butter (believe me this is the magic sauce)

Salt and pepper to taste

Your filling of choice. As you can see, we went with spinach and Italian cheeses.

The action

1. Mix eggs, water, salt and pepper in a small bowl with whisk or fork.

2. Melt that butter in a small pan. Don’t give the amount a second thought! That’s an order!

3. Pour egg mixture into butter entrenched pan. Heat over medium, gently stirring until the mixture looks like “pieces of cooked egg surrounded by liquid egg” (courtesy of the Better Homes and Garden cookbook, pg. 236). I had to refer to their description because they capture it so vividly and correctly.

4. After you reach this semi-cooked state, stop stirring and cook for about 45 more seconds.

5. Now for the filling! Pile it on! You can add extra cheese if you also include veggies, that’s totally a rule in THE rulebook.

6. Ok, here’s the hard part: getting your omelet out of the pan in a presentable manner. Want to know the secret? I have no idea. I’m not a gourmet cook. And my omelets never come out looking beautiful like this one.

Or as cute as this little guy. Good distraction techniques, huh?

But even if they are homely omelet misfits on the outside, they are (if you abide by my butter and cheese rules) delicious on the inside.  Yes, they do look eggactly like an omelet train wreck. (See what I did there?)

7. Oh, if you remember, brew some decaf and pour it in your quirkiest mug.

Another breakfast for dinner success! I promise your stomach will be completely satisfied, and you’ll get protein, veggies and dairy all in one meal.  Another dinner conundrum solved. See ya tomorrow!

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