Liked Limitless and the Lincoln Lawyer

4 Apr

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope the weekend treated you well. I managed to cook up the ultimate weekend recipe: a healthy balance of socializing and relaxation. Oops, I hope that didn’t come off as too braggy? Anyway, today I thought I’d offer quick reviews on movies I’ve seen lately, and perhaps offer tantalizing premises for a couple of movies I want to see. Who’s up for a fun entertainment-themed Monday post? I hope my synopses help if you’ve been curious about either of these movies. Wait, does the helpfulness potential cancel out the braggy factor? I sure hope so! Read on for great blog content (oops, and we’re back to the braggy tone).

In an anomaly of Peters’ family behavior, we’ve seen two movies in the theaters in the last couple weeks. Due to group dynamics, we didn’t actually choose either movie, but we also didn’t pay full price either. So I’d say we were pretty lucky in both instances. Ready for my take? Well, ok then!

Here’s the 5 point scale I’ll be using.

1 – Buy it when it comes out.

2 – See it NOW!

3 – Redbox it.

4 – Netflix Queue worthy

5 – If it comes on TV, you wouldn’t be totally wasting your life if you watched it while folding laundry.

Pick #1: Limitless

Rating: Somewhere between 3 and 4, depending on your love of Bradley Cooper.

For this one, we took advantage of our Regal Theater’s $5 movie Tuesdays. Seriously, check your local theaters out! You may be missing out on a similar deal in your town. Anyway, we went with a large group, and I’d say even if we didn’t come out with glowing reviews, we all had fun watching Limitless. And that’s what I’d say the point of this somewhat tangled psychological thriller is – good clean movie fun.  Bradley Cooper plays (very well, I might add) a washed up writer who chances upon a pill that allows the human brain to take advantage of 100% of its power. The results are both amazing (with all his brain power, he’s obviously now a genius at everything) and scary (people now chase him a lot and he has to deal with drug withdrawals and such). What ultimately happens? Well, you’ll have to see!  Talking it over with a girl who saw it with me, we’d cite about 3 too many plot twists as the major downfall of this movie. But I will say I appreciated the acting and some of the creative directing choices. Basically, I may not have chosen to see it, but it wasn’t a waste of my life or money.

Pick #2: The Lincoln Lawyer

Rating: I give it a 2.5.

I may have mentioned this before, but Ike’s dad often gets Rave movie passes from his work. What a great benefit!  Anyway, we spent Saturday afternoon with them and saw The Lincoln Lawyer free of charge. At first, I wasn’t sure about the choice. But as the movie started and Matthew McConaughey’s character developed, I started to really enjoy the movie and the mystery it presented. Again, I’d qualify it as good clean movie fun. Not earth shattering, but not stupid by a long shot. More like a great airplane book (a quick fun read) in movie form. And I wouldn’t be mad or miss out if another movie featuring Mickey Haller, McConaughey’s smooth talking lawyer, came out. What’s the story? The movie covers Haller’s defense of a rich young client and follows the case as it slowly becomes deadly for him and his family. I could totally write the back of DVD cases, right?

Seeing movies in theaters is kind of addicting. We now have a couple of movies that we are interested in seeing soon.

The Source Code: I mostly want to see this one because it looked like a straightforward thriller (oh no! A train is going to blow up!). But it is getting really strong reviews. I’m curious. Plus, as Ike shared with me, Duncan Jones, who directed Moon, a great sci-fi thriller starring Sam Rockwell, directs it. Netflix it if you have the chance.

Hanna: My desire to see this one is also based on the intriguing premise and the director, Joe Wright. Wright has given audiences solid movies such as the most recent Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, both characterized by great acting and beautiful shots. Hanna seems to be about a somewhat scary teenage girl super spy out on her first mission. Tantalizing? I think so!

That’s it for my entertainment themed Monday post. Hope you have a wonderful (if waterlogged) day.

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