Pictures are worth…a lot

5 Apr

I’d like to share with you a triumph! Last night Ike and I hung 4 pictures. Want to know my motivating secret? Actually, the same impetus could help you someday as well. Ready? Invite people over for a weekend reunion. It will give you a deadline and inspiration to get those lagging house projects done. I think my impending May reunion will even prompt me to replace my vacuum cleaner. My current (dead/dying) one started coughing up so much dust it repeatedly set off the smoke detector (making Buster CRAZY). Needless to say I haven’t vacuumed in a while. You can totally judge. I deserve it. Anyway, I feel good about the picture hanging session we had, and I learned a few things too. Ready for the Tuesday Lessons with Alexis? Well by all means, continue reading!

1. Gather the right tools – hammer, nails, pencil, measuring implement and level.

This is a basic rule. It is the bare minimum required for successful and straight picture hanging results. Lose just one and you’re done. I know, I’ve tried it without a measuring implement and failed miserably. And if any of you have tried to hang a picture without a hammer, I’m sure you shared my defeat. And you may have cause to feel a little dumb.

Before: Look at this boring bedroom!

After!!: Much better! If you are wondering, I snagged this picture from Home Goods for $25.

2. Don’t forget the most important tools, your eye ball’s intuition and a partner.

These aren’t required, but they make the project much smoother. Maybe I’m just not an independent picture hanger, but I need someone to hold up the picture in question for me to assess the general affect ‘a little to the right’ or ‘a smidge down’ makes. And yes, a measuring implement is important, but your eye is also crucial in deciding just where the picture should go.

Before: What a lame bathroom.

After!!: Nice! I got the prints and frames from Hobby Lobby. This was a challenging project because the two pictures needed to be balanced in the space and with each other. I may want them a little closer some day (according to my eye’s intuition) but after the 10 + holes we made, I decided I am satisfied with them being up and off the ground for now.

3. Some general rules of thumb.

Don’t hang your pictures too high! I think that is the biggest temptation. I found a site that recommended hanging pictures anywhere from 4 – 8 inches above whatever couch/table/bed they are going to be over. Also, place pictures at about eye level. It will be more appealing to the beholder.

Before: Plain Jane over the couch space.

After!!: Nice injection of color and fun. This one is from Garden Ridge. It was a generous apartment warming gift from my family. Thanks! I think it really completes the room.

4. Decorating is like cleaning, once you get finished with one project more projects come right back and replace them.

So here are the projects that are still looming.

We need to fill the space above the pull out couch in the study/guest room. Our current idea is to make a collage of personal photos in a non-old lady and non-newlywed couple obsessed with wedding photos sort of way. Here’s some photos that we have now.  I’ll probably need to print out some more, and as Ike suggested, we may need to dust off our spatial reasoning skills and plan out on paper our collage structure. This could be challenging!

I want to cover this spare canvas with the fabric I have leftover from my chair covering project. I think it will be a nice way to tie in the different textures and colors from all over the apartment in one place. Now I just need one of those heavy duty staple guns.

That’s it for today! If you have nagging projects, volunteer to host a baby shower and you’d be surprised how quickly those flowers will find themselves planted. See you tomorrow!

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