Potential Watch List

6 Apr

I’ll admit that the Peters fam is behind on TV. Moving to a new state mid-season didn’t help, and our continued boycott of cable (and thus DVR) put our ‘current with TV’ status down for the count. And in a lot of ways that’s a good thing. Ike and I have had time in the evenings to get things done like put up pictures or (on a slightly more mundane note) shop for ‘grown up’ appliances like washers and dryers and vacuums. I love not being addicted to 15 different shows and thus being forced to sit for hours in front of the boob tube just to get fulfilled. But, don’t get me wrong. I think TV programming from certain creators and networks have transcended even the big screen in depth of character and plot quality. So that’s why I still look forward to upcoming shows and hold out hope for another great one to add to my watching list, even if it has to wait until it graces my Netflix queue.

This morning I looked through several upcoming pilots and made note of shows I’m anticipating. Basically, the shows that made the list had the same creator of a great show I love, a beloved actor or interesting premises or source material.

If you’re ready for my picks, by all means, read on!

Alcatraz & Person of Interest

I grouped these two because they have an important person in common: JJ Abrahams. Not only did I love Lost, but I also loved Alias, Fringe, his take on Star Trek and I am highly anticipating this summer’s Super 8. I short am a fan and although his track record isn’t perfect, I trust him. Both will feature an FBI or CIA agent and lots of mystery. Just my cup of tea. And as a bonus, Alcatraz will feature Jorge Garcia (Lost’s loveable Hurley) and Person of Interest stars Michael Emerson (aka creepy but great Lost bad guy, Ben Linus).

The River

One of the lists I read compared The River’s addicting plotline to Lost. Apparently this one is about a group of people who have to search for their missing friend in the Amazon (thus, The River, get it?). Anyway, the writing team is lead by Paranormal Activity’s writer/director Oren Peli. So be prepared for a scary and possibly bumpy ride. I’m ready for another show that has the mystery/debate-causing power that Lost did. I seriously felt a void in my life (SAD, you don’t have to tell me) after Lost went off the air. So if I could find another show that could harness its wonderful power, I’m in.

The Killing

Ok, this one has technically already started (it airs Sunday nights at 9 on AMC), but I had to add it to my ‘potential watch list’ because AMC has yet to let me down. I love Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and even though it is not my favorite, I did enjoy The Walking Dead. With their (dare I say it?) Pixar-esque track record, I feel like all of AMC’s new shows deserve a screening. Plus, the premise is intriguing. It centers on the murder investigation of a single case. The situation reminds me of one of the first shows to feature an ensemble cast and focus on one over arching story (also a single murder), Twin Peaks. With these two things going for it, I have high hopes for this one!

There are admittedly other shows that might be great this year. If I only followed my instincts, I’m sure I would have missed out on Friday Night Lights which has turned out to be one of the most poignant dramas I’ve ever watched. So I’ll sit back, read reviews and check out the shows that really stand out. Have a great Wednesday. I’ll be back tomorrow!

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