Eureka! Springs Possibilties

8 Apr

Although I do spend much of my day blogging, maintaining the household and hot on the job trail, I do have some spare time to tackle personal research projects. Oh, how I love checking off items on my to-do lists! Among my research goals, I have the task of finding our place to stay on our anniversary trip. This one somehow found its way to the top of the list even if the event is a wee bit into the future (try August). I just can’t help myself! It’s a fun one! And hey, I’ve reached some practical goals like finding our doctors and a new vacuum. So I deserve this…kind of. Anyway, in the spirit of a fun Friday post, here are the top 3 contenders for our Eureka Springs Anniversary Getaway Extravaganza (or ESAGE for short, ha, not really). Have a great weekend!

I whittled the options down by scrolling through the 168 places that the official Eureka Springs website lists. It wasn’t always pretty, and at times, a little scary (can you say haunted by someone who has horribly over-floral taste?). But I think after all the effort, I’ve come away with 3 solid options.

Option #1: The Basin Park Hotel

This would be the ‘safe’ choice. It is a vacation residence style we are accustomed to, the good ol’ hotel. But it has a great location. From my understanding, we’d be in downtown already and all we’d have to do to explore is walk out the front door. And (according to their website, of course) they have a great restaurant, boasting the best burger in town. However, I have a friend who stayed there for her anniversary one year and from her limited but telling description, (the word “old” came up several times) I’m not sure if this has the ‘wow factor’ I’m looking for.

Option #2: The Grand Treehouse Resort

Although these run anywhere from 10 – 30 bucks more per night than the other two, this would definitely be a unique experience. The tree houses look beautiful, clean, romantic and fun. We’d be further from the action than at the Basin Park Hotel, but apparently they have a trolley service that stops at the driveway, so we’d be fine. I’m tempted to try these out, just so I could tell people I stayed in a tree house for my 3rd anniversary.

Option #3: The Heartstone Inn

Ok, this one may actually have the best value. Not only is this the cheapest option, but we would also get a gourmet breakfast and a snack included in our stay. However, I’m a little scared of B & B’s, although I’ve never stayed in one.  I have scenes from beloved shows like Gilmore Girls and Parks and Recreation to thank for my prejudice.

(Excuse the bleeped out language, but I also wonder what a German muffin is…)

I picked the Heartstone Inn because they have beautiful (and more importantly tastefully decorated) suites. Also, they have garnered great reviews from the New York Times and official sounding B & B lists. This one may not have the unique-place-to-stay factor, but it does come with a lot of extras. I’m just not sure we are ready for extras like watching the wildlife with our fellow guests. Oops, was that too mean? I was just voicing my actual concerns.

Anyway, I think we’d have a fun time no matter where we stay. But if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment away! I appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “Eureka! Springs Possibilties”

  1. Alyssa April 11, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

    I love bed and breakfasts. The people are always so nice and the food is phenomenal. The breakfasts are usually big enough so you can either skip lunch or have a late snacky lunch and then a bigger dinner, so they’re more economical in my opinion too.

    As for watching the wildlife with your fellow guests…that kind of thing is not required. It’s just that they’re showing what they offer, and the good thing about B&Bs is that you can mingle with the other guests as much (or as little) as you want.

    Hope you guys have fun!

    • alexispeters April 11, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

      Hey Alyssa,

      You make some excellent points about B&Bs. I am easily swayed by the words like ‘economical’ and ‘phenomenal’ food. I think we are leaning in that direction! Thanks for your insight!

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