Sweet Friday Ideas

15 Apr

Sometimes after a long week, you need a treat. We, by some phenomenon, (is there a crazy meteor shower in the atmosphere or something?) had plans every night this week. I know; I didn’t think we were that social either. From Bunko with some girls on Monday, to a birthday dinner with Ike’s family last night, we’ve been on the go-go-go. And no, the tornado sirens wailing at 2:00 am last night didn’t help me wake up with that special refreshed Friday morning feeling. So sometimes, the best Friday ideas are to throw out fancy plans and go simple. Here are a few fun not-too-expensive Friday activities for those of you who had one of those weeks. Enjoy the post and your Friday!

Frozen Yogurt

We actually did this on Tuesday night, but if you haven’t indulged in frozen yogurt this week or ever (gasp!) put this on your must-do-soon list. Why? Well, let me try and convince you. Frozen yogurt is a recent trend that I’ve happily observed cropping up in fancy strip malls across the nation. Yes! You get to choose your yogurt flavor, the amount and the toppings. You are in control of your yogurt fate!  It is a beautiful thing. And you always have the option of throwing a few blueberries or a sprinkling of granola on top of your brownie batter yogurt to make you feel healthy. Just beware; you pay by the ounce so don’t go overboard.


Are you sensing a theme here? Another trendy dessert made the list! But at around 3 bucks per cupcake, a single serving won’t kill your waistline or your budget. Last night, cupcakes were served as the birthday dessert. My mouth is still thanking my sister-in-law for bringing them. I have to applaud the delightful creativity and delectable skills of cupcake makers. Flavors like Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter Cup serenade the list. I hear the siren call. And I will be back for more soon!

Cheese Dip

Look at me, breaking the mold here. But if you are a ‘salty snack’ kind of kid and are lucky enough to live by a Mexico Chiquita, by all means get to their to-go counter! I’m not going to sit here and estimate the amount of real cheese in the sauce. That’s not important. What is important? This is yet another way to spend less than $10 bucks and still have a special fun Friday feeling, one golden chip-ful at a time.

Comfort Food and Netflix Marathon

Any of these ideas sounding good? Well, tonight Ike and I are going a completely free but equally delicious route. We saved a comforting meal for tonight – Meatball Subs. Yum. And to compliment our saucy, cheesy and (you’re right, ballsy does not have the right ring…) meaty sandwiches, we plan to finish season two of Sons of Anarchy. Yes, I know. We are obsessed! But good food and entertaining escapist entertainment will help us recharge our batteries for the busy weekend we have coming up. Whew.

Again, I hope you have a great Friday! If it is a frozen yogurt or cupcake or cheese dip or comfort food kind of night, then good for you! See you Monday! I hope to have an interesting Buster report for you soon. Until then!

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