19 Apr

Ok, I guess I can’t claim that Ike and I don’t ever go to the movies anymore – see this recent post as Exhibit A. But I will maintain that we only go to the movies (or go out in general) when we have ‘fun money’ available. In the words of Lucky Day (Steve Martin’s Amigo), “No dough, no show.” And yes, I’m wagging my finger as I say that.  But we are making friends and putting down roots in Little Rock, so sometimes we have to fertilize young relationships with the manure of spending. Wait, that didn’t come out quite right. Oh well.

As you can see from my clever and mysterious title, I’m going to offer you a (hopefully) spoiler free review of Hanna. You ready for my take on this entertaining thriller? Then click ‘continue reading’ ASAP. Thanks.

Here’s a reminder of the 5 point scale I’ve developed for my reviews.

1 – Buy it when it comes out.

2 – See it NOW!

3 – Redbox it.

4 – Netflix Queue worthy

5 – If it comes on TV, you wouldn’t be totally wasting your life if you watched it while folding laundry.

I’d say Hanna is a 3.5. In other words, it is worth a watch, but it is fine if you wait until you don’t have to pay through the nose to see it. Although I enjoyed the movie a lot, I don’t think it was quite as good as I wanted it to be. Something didn’t quite add up.  But let’s get back to why it is worth the watch. This is a mostly positive review after all.

The Look

Joe Wright of Pride and Prejudice, Atonement and The Soloist directed this film. If you’ve seen any of these movies you know that Wright has a knack for capturing dramatic beauty in any landscape from the English country side to the homeless shelters of LA. And Hanna did not disappoint in this respect. Visually the movie was much more interesting than the average thriller. His style elevates his work beyond a genre pigeon hole. The snowy tundra, desert hills and spooky dilapidated cities and amusement parks paint a grand background to the movie’s constant chase. I liked it. I liked it very much.

The Acting

I was also impressed by the lead actress, Saoirse Ronan. As Hanna she brought warmth and interest to her also very cold hearted character. She somehow came across as naïve, mature and fearless all at once. But I didn’t expect less from the actress who sizzled on screen as the vindictive Briony Tallis in Atonement. I’m probably not the first to write this, but watch that girl. She’s good.

The Premise

Finally, I was intrigued by the original premise. I’ve already mentioned Hanna is both naïve and ruthless. That’s because this film combines a revenge chase thriller foundation with a coming of age twist. I found it interesting to see Hanna enjoying the outside world in the few moments of rest she has between beating up the bad guys.

There you have it. Don’t forget to make a movie night of this one when it hits the Redbox or Netflix queue nearest you.

One Response to “Hanna”

  1. Amber April 20, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    Yay for friends, roots and manure! Glad you are here!

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