20 Apr

Some days we all need a little perspective check. Maybe you’re stressed at work. Maybe plans are crumbling. Maybe you are behind on sleep and it is only Wednesday. Or maybe the dog really did eat your homework. Well, I’m here to help. As adults (don’t worry, I use that word loosely), we get overly serious sometimes. Somber. Too busy to take a moment and appreciate the admittedly cliché, but therapeutic little things in life. I’m ready for a mid-week pick-me-up. If you are too, or if you just need a few moments of pause before the go-go-go of your day, then read on. I think you will smile if you do! That is the idea.

First off, here are two laughing baby options. Who knew someone could appreciate bubbles or ripping paper so much? I think this proves that sometimes we forget how interesting the world around us is. Or maybe that’s too deep. Maybe these babies are just really cute.

Human babies aren’t your thing? What about a penguin baby? If you make it to the end, the tickling scene is priceless.

Three words. Panda Bear Kindergarten

I’m a sucker for unexpected animal friendships. Here are two animal pals sharing an afternoon snack.

And if I haven’t quite reached your perfect cute situation itch, here are my favorite ‘cute’ sites.

That’s it for today! I hope your Wednesday has lots of smiles. See ya tomorrow!

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