The ‘Perfect’ Thursday*

28 Apr

*The events below are based on my daily routine. Please take note that they may have been slightly modified. Enjoy your Thursday and remember to revel in your dreams every once in a while.

6:45 am: Ike and I wake up to a beautiful sunny morning, birds are chirping and everything. The forecast reports that there will be no more tornadoes ever.

7:30 am: We push back from the table after just finishing our piping hot pancakes, infused with cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with natural maple syrup. We also take our final sip of the French Press freshly ground Sumatra blend Starbucks coffee. Yum.

8:00 am: Ike heads off to work, as Buster and I wave ‘Good Bye’. Buster and I go on a walk with all the other dogs in the apartment complex and not a growl is heard.

10:00 am: I publish the perfect blog post and at 10:05 receive a book deal to write about Buster, the movies I’ve seen, TV shows I love and recipes I make. I accept.

11:00 am: Just as I pop in “Ripped in 30,” Jillian stops by to give me a personal training session. It is a tough, but exhilarating experience.

Please click, ‘continue reading’ to find out what happens after lunch! It gets better, if you can believe it!

12:00 pm: After eating the best PB&J I’ve ever made, I practice the guitar for 30 minutes. In 15, I’ve mastered “Stairway to Heaven” and I move on to The Beatles catalogue for the remaining time.

1:00 pm: I take Buster on his afternoon stroll. This time we find a field full of Labradoodle and Corgi puppies. Buster and I cuddle with them.

2:00 pm: After my shower, my hair looks magazine-photo-shoot-ready, and I didn’t do a thing to it.

3:00 pm: A local realtor calls and tells us we have to come see a house that is perfect for a young couple like us and in the great location. Dazed and excited, I make an appointment to walkthrough at 5:45.

4:00 pm: In the meantime, I decide to tidy up the apartment. Suddenly, all manner of wildlife fly, shuffle and buzz around to help. We finish ridding the corners of cobwebs and the bathroom counters of toothpaste stains in a flash while singing silly songs.

5:00 pm: Ike is on his way home. When he arrives, he announces his bosses gave him a bonus to cover any vacation we want for the rest of our lives and an endless supply of dark chocolate.

5:45 pm: We walk through the aforementioned house. It is perfect. And free. We take it.

6:00 pm: My wildlife friends come back to help us with the move; we are done packing and transferring our stuff by 6:55 pm. And the apartment people were so happy for us they waived all broken lease fees.

7:00 pm: I whip up some celebratory meatloaf, mashed potatoes (from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook), and Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. I indulge, but don’t gain an ounce.

8:00 pm: The creators of Mad Men come to discuss their most controversial character choices, and we convince them to start airing the new season next week, with our changes. We plan to talk to JJ Abrams tomorrow night, for a sneak peak of Super 8.

9:00 pm: Tired after a long, but eventful day, Ike and I decide to read for a while. I finish my interesting, but long, Russian novel. I am suddenly inspired to write my own novel. And I work up the outline in an hour.

10:00 pm: Lights out. Tomorrow’s Friday!

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