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Job Search Part III: The Actual Searching Part

27 May

Up to this point, I’ve covered the job searching groundwork: resume/cover letter crafting and building. This work is essential. Unless your dad is hiring you, you will need a resume to get the interview that will get you the job. You dig? But how do you get that pristine resume in the right hands? I’ve saved that for today. Happy Memorial Day Friday!

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Beauty and the Beast*

26 May

*The magical song and dance-filled musical extravaganza version

Although “Belle,” “Something There” and “Beauty and the Beast” have been stuck in my head since Tuesday, finally seeing the musical version of one of my favorite Disney classics was completely worth it. Sure I have my critiques, but overall Ike and I had a great night at the theater, as did the other 2,000 or so adult and kiddos, including several mini-Belles, that filled the Robinson Auditorium. If you’ve never seen the show and it’s coming to a town near you, gather the fam and go! I doubt you will regret “Being their guest.”

If I apologize for the poor allusion, will you read on? Thanks!

The Robinson Center was a great venue.

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Job Search 101: Building Your Resume

25 May

Let’s say you have transformed your resume into a masterpiece. It is easy and, dare I say, fun to read. It is visually stunning. It dazzles the reader with a personal heading and perfect fonts. You are so close to the document that will open the perfect opportunity’s door. But…

*Record Scratch*

There always seems to be a but. Right? And this one comes from too little relevant experience. If you are taking your job searching status as a chance to move into a field that better suits your dreams but doesn’t match your history, you may have some work to do.  Now is the time to build your resume with proofs of the potential and self-starter attitude you will bring to your new gig.

How do you do this? As always, read on!

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Buster the Great Boy

24 May

I interrupt my ‘Job Search 101’ series to announce that Buster had an excellent training session on Sunday. By excellent I mean zero aggressive actions: no growling, no lunging and no snarling. He only got one correction during the entire lesson. He was too eager to greet his helper dog, Juno. I’d rather work on dog rudeness than monster dog tendencies any day. Literally. Basically, he was relaxed outside. Our trainer even pulled a ‘Dog Whisper’ move and walked little Buster in tandem with his huge black German Shepherd helper. It was a beautiful sight.

As always, we learned a few things, and I’m ready to share. We also have some exciting challenges coming up. By all means read on to find out more!

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Job Search 101

23 May

Part I: Resume and Cover Letter

During one of my first networking meetings, the guy I was meeting with offered to critique my resume. So I held my breath and handed him my most recent resume draft. A draft I’m sure I spent at least an hour or two perfecting. After 2.1 seconds he said, “This is boring, I would never have read all of this.” Ouch. But that, my friends, was a (mostly) friendly wake up call. After that meeting, I swallowed my pride and re-worked my resume and cover letter. Here are some elements that I made sure it had after that.

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The Big Announcement!

20 May

My job search is finally at an end! I’m excited to announce that I have accepted Dillard’s offer to be a Web Editorial Writer at their corporate headquarters.

**Insert happy dance here! Raising the roof, Cabbage Patch and the Running Man are all more than welcome**

Read on for details and gratitude!

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Thankful Thursday

19 May

Today I am happy. This contentment, this happy feeling reminds me that I’ve got so much to be thankful for in my life. I didn’t become this (delightful) version of Alexis without a lot (read: TONS) of help. Prayer, hours of people listening, encouragement out the wazoo, and unconditional acceptance from friends and family all shaped me. I’m certainly not done being formed, but I think it is a good practice to stop every once in a while and take inventory of the good stuff.  Read below for a shout out to the people (and animals) that make me smile the most.

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Ripped in 30 Level Tough, I mean Three

18 May

Yesterday, I recapped my weekend with my best college pals. Read it here! (Oops, that’s my one shameless, self-serving plug for at least this paragraph. I promise.) One essential ingredient to a successful girls’ weekend that I failed to mention is food. We took that element very seriously. My favorite food exploits of the weekend were make-your-own-pizza night with homemade dough, marinara and an assortment of toppings, cheese dip from Dizzy’s, chicken strips from Sticky Fingers and Peanut Butter Puddle ice cream from Bruster’s. As you can see, I enjoyed myself. But I also just shared my food diary to emphasize how eager I was to get back to Jillian’s pain train bright and early Monday morning. And even with all the eating and eating and eating, I decided (impulsively) to move up to level three on Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. Read on to see how I fared (suffered).

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Girls (with High Self Esteem) Weekend Recap*

17 May

*If you don’t get my allusion, get yourself to the nearest DVD player and watch some Arrested Development. PSA over.

This weekend was great! This weekend was fun! This weekend was great fun!

But, this weekend was also exhausting.

I’ll admit it. I’ve never felt more ‘married/just plain old’ than I did the past several nights/super early mornings. That’s right; my average bedtime would make librarians snicker. I get tired early. And even if I’m not dozing at 9:30ish, I’m in the PJ zone reading, watching a great Netflix pick or playing Skip Bo with Ike. I enjoy the homebody life at least ½ of my week. But of course, with a gaggle of my best friends in town, there’s not a lot of time for the PJ zone. I understand that, but for the next reunion, I need to start conditioning myself months in advance. I exaggerate only a wee bit. Anyway, read on for essential ingredients for a wonderful (and ok, exhausting) girls weekend.

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Spring Fashion Trends

16 May

I’m getting that itch. Let me clarify for those of you scratching your head or wrinkling your nose (shame on you) – the shopping itch. During my last shopping foray, I witnessed with glee the much awaited, warmer weather fashion trends in my favorite stores.  It was like Christmas in May. And I didn’t have to watch a single creepy claymation film to get that tingly holiday feeling. I just immersed myself in the new prints, cuts and textures of spring and summer, and I suddenly felt that happy-go-lucky-dance-in-public vibe. Oh, a heftier shopping budget would’ve helped perpetuate that feeling. But we won’t go there. No. Today, we’ll visit ‘these looks are hot and I would like to try them out someday soon’ land. And we will revel in that land. You ready to join me? If so, read on to see my spring fashion observations. Please enjoy the ride and your Monday.

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