My Fiction Role Models

4 May

I’ve never met some of the most influential women in my life. To make matters weirder, these ladies aren’t even real. They are fictional, imaginary, a figment of someone else’s mind. But I don’t think their fictional-ness has decreased their power to shape my personality. Through their books, movies or shows, I’ve been challenged by their intelligence and wit, while I’ve learned from their anger and spitefulness. They are part of my life. I can’t get rid of them. I may as well give them credit for their influence. So read on if you want to find out who helped shape me into the hilarious, thoughtful and all-around amazing creature that writes before you today. (Hint: it’s me.)

Most Influential Literature Lady: Elizabeth Bennett*

*If you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice, shame on you! Go sit in the corner.

Elizabeth is the witty and spirited heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I’ve read P & P at least 3 or 4 times, and I limit my re-reads. But I can’t help myself; I love the humor, the drama and yes, the romance. But mostly I love Elizabeth and her sharp tongue.

What’s to love?

She’s a smart, quick, independent lady. I admire how she rises above her silly family members and the classism of her society.

What’s to learn?

She’s stubborn and quick to judge, but ultimately (SPOILER ALERT!!) she learns to admit when she’s wrong. First impressions (especially of mysterious handsome gentlemen) can be misleading.

Most Influential Movie Lady: Anne Shirley

I know, I know, Anne also lights up her own book series (Anne of Green Gables and so on), which I have read. But the Anne that shaped me came from the classic mini-series. I wouldn’t want to publicly estimate how many times I’ve seen it. But I will admit I wanted to be Anne Shirley for years.

What’s to love?

She’s the smartest girl in her class. She has a huge imagination. She is a writer and a reader. She’s resilient; it is tough to keep her down even though she spends the first 12 years of her life bouncing from different families and orphanages.

What’s to learn?

She suffers from a temper with flashes of violence and meanness. Exhibit A: Slate to Gilbert’s head. She also has the habit of holding grudges. But I think she finally realizes that holding a grudge hurts you more than the other person.

Most Influential TV Lady: Rory Gilmore

Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show. Watching an episode is like slipping into some comfy PJs and drinking hot cocoa after a long day. And I’ve always identified with Rory, the daughter component of the show. I think that Rory and the show have affected my humor a lot, down to the rate of my speech and the cadence of my jokes.

What’s to love?

She is another smart, funny, overachieving lady. She is also a writer and reader. Wow, sensing a trend here? I also appreciate her quiet and thoughtful nature and her organizational tendencies. She is a loyal friend.

What’s to learn?

Well, for one thing, don’t get with other people’s husbands. Just say no to Dean! Not cool. But more practically, she let someone’s negative opinion send her life into a tailspin. When she finally snapped out of it and started taking control again, she proved confidence and persistence are important when living up to responsibilities and chasing dreams.

Well, there you have it, my fictional heart on my sleeve. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

One Response to “My Fiction Role Models”

  1. Nicole Mt May 11, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    I love this one! When I read the title I immediately thought of my own fiction role models! My first thoughts were Anne Shirley (side note- I am currently in the middle of re-reading Anne of Windy Poplars), Laura Ingalls and Elizabeth Bennett. And maybe a little Hermione Granger….although she came into my life a bit late. 🙂

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