Tripping on a Friday*

6 May

*Please read on so you don’t misinterpret the situation

Soon, Ike is weekending in sunny (ok, 99% likely, rainy) Seattle for a friend’s wedding. His impending trip brings back happy memories of our first, only and brief interaction with that sea-side city. Way back in August of 2008, we set sail from Seattle for our honeymoon: an Alaskan cruise (awww, right?). And I know I risk sounding totally superior here, but it was an amazing experience. Alaska has got it all. Mountains? Check. Glaciers? Got em. Whales? Um, yes. Quirky towns. Of course.  And with that momentous trip I was able to cross off a dream vacation location.


Maybe I’m spoiled, but I still have a few more places on my ‘hope to see someday’ list. Read on to see where I’d like to go if the stars, money and time align. Oh, and enjoy your weekend!

Where I’ve been

If I actually sit down and think about it, I’ve had the chance to explore a lot of Europe (superior alert again, I know). I went to Cambridge, England for a study program in high school. During that time, I also got to visit London, Stonehenge and Bath. Yes, that’s right, Bath, one of the ultimate Jane Austen hubs. *Swoon*

And during my sophomore year of college, I spent a semester in Florence, Italy. I explored nearly every country in central Europe during those three months. Not too shabby.

But I still want to see a little bit more of the world, starting with places in my own country.

East Coast

I want to see the Atlantic Ocean lapping a US shore. I want to visit historical cities like Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC. I’d even like to eat lobster in Maine. But ultimately, I want to visit New York City – I do not care if that is predictable. I want to see a Broadway play ON Broadway. I unashamedly want to see all the touristy sites: the Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden, that ice skating rink that’s in all the movies. And most of all I want to shop till I literally drop.

The Wild West

I want to see the Pacific Ocean. I’d love to say ‘Aloha’ to Hawaii. I want to see the Grand Canyon. And Sedona. And the four corners. And Yellowstone with its famous geyser and bears and wolves. I want to see all California has to offer, from the hilly wine country to the sunny beaches of Malibu. I want to see LA and San Francisco.  **Record Scratch**

I know, I want I want I want.

So maybe for now I’ll stop with all the wanting and try to start making an effort to notice the small corners of the world right around me. Maybe there are some interesting vistas just down the street or around the corner? Who knows? I certainly won’t until I take a look. I may have some exploring to do this weekend.

Have a good one.

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