Girls’ (with High Self-Esteem) Night Out

9 May

The time has come! This weekend my college pals will fly, drive and teleport (I unfortunately exaggerate on that count) from all over for a short but sweet reunion in Little Rock. And I’m not exaggerating about all over. Nope! I’m talking about faraway lands like Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida and, ok, Fayetteville. Nevertheless, they are proving that true friendship is willing to go the distance. And I need to be a good hostess and have interesting girls’ night options for them to choose from. If you are an expert in fun things to do in Little Rock, please let me know if I’ve missed a great place. Only you can prevent a girls’ night flop.

Look at me. I’ve divided most of my options into geographic regions or restaurant genres. I can’t help myself. Here it goes!


If Little Rock were a music store, the Heights/Hillcrest area would be the indie section. Oops, I forgot to sound the cheesy alert before that one. Sorry. Most of the shops and restaurants are locally owned, one-of-a-kind joints lining classy 1950/60 style streets. It is a chic and fun area, adjectives which, incidentally, should also describe a girl’s night out extravaganza. Coincidence?

Option #1:

Zaza’s is a great little counter service pizza and salad place. And by pizza and salad, I mean fancy pizza and salad. Like pizzas with feta, potato, rosemary and E.V.O.O. which I learned by asking stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Now you know! But the real magic starts after you push back your could-have-fed-an-army Greek salad and take the last nibble of your thin crust Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza. Now you are ready for the big time: Real gelato. For those of you who’ve been lucky enough to try real gelato, your taste buds should be screaming in anticipation right about now.


In keeping with the music store metaphor, the Argenta District of North Little Rock would make a great folksy or even cool oldie section of the Little Rock music store. Again, the area is filled with local restaurants, interesting shops, a fresh ‘you can buy local here’ market and old timey brick streets and architecture. Alluring for a girls night option, no?

Option # 2:

Reno’s is a little café/bar with unexpectedly good food. Now I don’t frequent many bars, but from what I understand, chicken fingers, nachos and peanuts are the expected fare. But Reno’s breaks the moldy bar mold with great hummus, gyros and gourmet pizza. Plus, they have live music on the weekends. Fun!

Piano Bar Options/River Market

I also love the River Market area. It is like the jazz section of our fictional little store. The pedestrian-friendly brick streets and river view walks are always bustling, exciting and filled with great food options and syncopation. You know, like jazz! Get it??!! Am I a stretching it here? I know metaphors are bound to break down sometime…

Option #3:

Willy Ds One of my friends mentioned that a dueling piano bar may be fun. I’ve never been to one, but this looks like the best choice. It has a full menu with lots of variety and several hours of piano duels each night.

Option #4:

Loca Luna I’m not sure where to locate this one in my Little Rock regional breakdown. But maybe this trendy, swanky delish place defies category? Another friend suggested this one, and I honestly think it may be the perfect option. **Quick background interlude** We all went to school in the illustrious Searcy (only a thrilling 45 minute drive from LR) and Loca Luna was one of the last places all of us ate together before graduating and flitting off to places like Wisconsin. So it would be like a bookend experience. Or maybe I’m pushing it because they have great cheese dip?

Well, that is definitely enough rambling for a Monday. And believe me, I know that wherever we go, we’ll have fun and make memories. But I’d still like to make memories in great ambiance if I can help it. So please, let me know if you have any suggestions!

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