Ripped in 30: Level 2 Lowdown

11 May

Level two is tough.

Case in point: One time I had to stop the DVD to walk around, drink some water and catch my breath. Did I mention the main goal of the break was not to barf? Ick. But I got it together and finished the last circuit. I could blame myself for not waiting long enough after lunch or being too cheap to crank up the AC, but most of the credit (blame) for my short break goes to Jillian for kicking my you know what.

I say all that to be honest. This DVD is hard. But if you read on, it gives you results and results fast. I can’t argue with that. And you can’t either, mostly because it is my post. So there.

Reading reference: Ripped in 30 Level 1 review


I am inspired to get to level 4. Someday. Somehow.

Jillian does not hand out a lot of deep inspirational sayings this time around. Mostly she emphatically encourages her trainees (victims) to give their best, dig deep and keep moving. At level two, workout participants (sufferers) are halfway through the program. The way I see it, that is no time for quitting and too early to pat yourself on the back. But she does teach us one important lesson: If you ever happen to be one of the workout girls in her videos, don’t smack talk during rehearsal. Or she will make you fall down during the final taping. Thanks Jillian, I wrote that one down.

Crazy Cardio

She is also in your face. I keep moving.

I can handle jumping jacks, high knees, shadow boxing or most any other standing cardio move. But in this workout, Jillian instructs (forces) her trainees through two minutes of all plank cardio. If you don’t know what that is, I say both “shame on you” and “lucky.”  If you do know what that is, you should be groaning right about now. Here are my two messages of wisdom: “You’ve been warned” and “Ouch.” At first, after two minutes of alternating plank jacks and mountain climbers, it was all I could do not collapse in a wheezing heap. But now, after repeating the workout several times, I can do it! It is hard, but I can make it through. Ah, sweet progress.

Results so far

Here are the level 2 girls working it out.

I can tell that this program has heightened my metabolism, improved my posture, tightened my abs and glutes (TMI? Deal with it) and strengthened my arms. I can actually flex both of them! But mostly every time I make it through a tough workout to the glorious stretches at the end, I remember my favorite lesson from Jillian: If I can make it through something really tough physically, that strength will begin to permeate the rest of my life. That mantra has helped me be strong and patient during some tough times. And for that, I am very thankful to Jillian. Plus, did I mention all the muscle tightening?

That’s that. If that didn’t scare you away, I still highly recommend this workout. I’ll give you the lowdown on Level 3 when I make it! Have a great Wednesday!

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