The Perfect Thursday Take II*

12 May

*A companion piece to my first Perfect Thursday exercise. Again this account is based on a very real schedule – and dreams. Enjoy your perfect-ish Thursday!

6:45 am – I jump out of bed fully rested; chipper even, my last REM cycle fully intact.

7:30 am – I drizzle cream cheese icing over an oven fresh pan of gooey homemade Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls. A heavenly scent permeates my very being.

8:00 am – Buster and I see Ike off. As Ike gracefully backs out of his spot, our car no longer makes the horrible noises that I’ve been ignoring and hoping would go away for months. No mechanics in our future. Score.

9:00 am – After our walk, I film Buster doing something extremely cute and post it to You Tube.

10:00 am – Buster has become an instant web sensation and is slated to star in his own TV show, Buster: A Delightful Rehabilitation Story.  I always knew he had a face for TV.

11:00 am – I decide to bake Ike’s favorite strawberry cake for after dinner. He deserves it. Just as I take it out of the oven, the top baker in Little Rock happens to knock on my door to borrow a cup of sugar. She tries my cake and hires me on the spot. I now bake cookies and cakes and write for a living.

What happens after lunch? Read on to find out.

12:00 pm – Ike and I go out for a celebratory lunch at a local pizza joint. They say we are such a cute couple that we can have free pizza whenever we want. And we will. Within reason, we have to maintain our figures, right?

1:00 pm – Back at home, I get a call from each of my college friends, my sister, my brother and my parents. They’ve all decided to move within a close but not too close distance from us.

2:00 pm – Exhilarated by this news, I decide to update my furniture for all the guests I’m sure to have in the near future. Every store I go to has great sales. At IO Metro, I run into Vern Yip. He helps me put the final functionally fabulous touches on my living spaces.

3:00 pm – I finally have time to workout. I feel truly invigorated and alive. My instantly toned abs makes me feel pretty good too.

4:00 pm – Ike heads home as the new universal quitting time for all professionals is 4:00 pm. Family time is important. Oh, and traffic is a thing of the past too, somehow all lagging construction projects were completed earlier today.

5:00 pm – We enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, Eggplant Parmesan, and Ike and I sing as we clean the dishes.

6:00 pm – We attend a local battle of the bands. Ike debuts songs from his new album. The crowd goes wild.

7:00 pm – Ike wins and of course sells enough of his first album to record more music whenever he wants to.

8:00 pm – After the concert, George Lucas comes over and we convince him to erase the Star Wars prequels from living memory. What, there are more than three Star Wars movies?

9:00 am – It has been a long and overwhelmingly successful day, but somehow Ike and I muster the strength to write an outline for a new TV pilot. We’ll see if we get any takers tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Good night! Oh yeah, tomorrow is Friday, that if nothing else should make you smile.

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