Poolside Readiness Kit

13 May

Sun? Check. Increasingly summer-like temperatures? Check. Cool and inviting bodies of water beckoning at every turn? Check.

Based on the irrefutable evidence above, we all need to prepare for the potential pools/beaches in our future. Everyone knows that we need swimsuits to go swimming. At least, I’m not going swimming with you unless you know that. But I contend there are other poolside essentials. Well, thank goodness you have me, right? I think this post calls for a mandated five minutes of relaxation coupled with a gently sweating glass of your favorite Crystal Light flavor or homemade lemonade, if you are feeling fancy.

Enjoy your five minutes, and enjoy your weekend.

Part One: Sun Protection Squad

Beating the sun is crucial for an enjoyable pool time. I’m not against a little tan. But I am against pealing skin, severe burns, multiplying freckles and future wrinkles. I know, revolutionary right? These items should help you get your “pool on” without burning your skin off. Wow, that was a little more graphic than I had planned.

Sun Glasses and Sun Screen

Even though these two are pretty obvious, I’d like to recommend a couple options. I’m all about Target when it comes to sun glasses. They may not last forever, but they are also cute and don’t cost a fortune.  And good news, all shapes and styles are in this season. So you will be able to wear what you want from cat eyes to aviators. Lucky us!

As for sun screen, I really like Coppertone’s oil free sunscreen. I feel like this hypoallergenic, fragrance free stuff is fine to put on my face too, that way I don’t have to buy additional specialty face lotion. A woman can get buried in product if she doesn’t watch it. I blame Sophora.

Floppy Hat

Target has a great affordable selection of these summer must haves (CAPTION)

This is a new one for me. But as I’m rounding out my mid-20s and stubbornly plowing along to my late ones, the concept of preserving my facial skin is becoming very real. Plus, these hats are cute or even elegant (I’m thinking Audrey Hepburn here). I feel like the perfect hat will allow me to enjoy the poolside, look great and read without damaging my retinas. I’m sensing a win-win.

Part Two: Relaxation Team

Finally, there is no point in going to the pool if you don’t have a book or good tunes. Yes, you can dip in the water, but as an adult, the prospect of frizzy hair and water up my nose outweighs the possible fun of Sharks & Minnows and handstand contests. You need some solid comfort and lazy activities readily available. So yes, gather your iPod, a book, your beach towel, and a casual bag. But there might be one more item you need for ultimate summer fun.

Zip-up Water Resistant Picnic Blanket

Ike and I got one of these at a wedding shower. It was a risky off-the-registry gift. At first I thought it was destined to gather dust in my closet forever, but I’ve since realized its value. If you anticipate any grassy or sandy hills in your swimming future, this is a great ground covering. It is easy to transport and easy to clean. When the weather warms, I just leave it in the car just in case any outdoor lounging opportunities arise. But also because we’re too lazy to bring it back up to our apartment.

Well, I hope the weekend holds lots of fun sunny times for you! Have a great one! I’ll be back, on Monday that is.

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