Spring Fashion Trends

16 May

I’m getting that itch. Let me clarify for those of you scratching your head or wrinkling your nose (shame on you) – the shopping itch. During my last shopping foray, I witnessed with glee the much awaited, warmer weather fashion trends in my favorite stores.  It was like Christmas in May. And I didn’t have to watch a single creepy claymation film to get that tingly holiday feeling. I just immersed myself in the new prints, cuts and textures of spring and summer, and I suddenly felt that happy-go-lucky-dance-in-public vibe. Oh, a heftier shopping budget would’ve helped perpetuate that feeling. But we won’t go there. No. Today, we’ll visit ‘these looks are hot and I would like to try them out someday soon’ land. And we will revel in that land. You ready to join me? If so, read on to see my spring fashion observations. Please enjoy the ride and your Monday.

The Maxidress

This look attracts me for so many reasons. And I’m in a listing mood, so here we go.

1) I love dresses.

2) They look comfortable. I love dresses made out of a light or knit material; they make me feel relaxed yet dressy. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about exposing my…self…when I bent over.

3) They have so many fun varieties, from different necklines to a multitude of exciting patterns.

4) Plus, I’ve seen girls accessorize the same dress with different jackets, cardigans, sandals or necklaces to change their outfit to work for different occasions.

5) I love dresses.

Gladiator Sandals

Ok, I’ve got a lot of love for this one, too.

1) I just got my first (and possibly only) pedi for the year, so I need a rocking shoe to compliment my  pretty toes.

2) I also like that gladiators have a lot of flat options. I don’t do height enhancing shoes if I can help it, so this works for me.

3) I’m attracted to shoes with interesting details. I have a weakness for a well-placed bow, button or ruffle. Gladiators have a lot to offer in this arena (ha, arena, I crack me up). There are so many strap pattern, material or ornament options in this style. *Swoon*

My Stretch Fashion Goals

Tribal Accessories/Influences

Chunky beaded necklaces or daring cluster earrings may not have been on my natural radar, but I think the look is cute. Could the right tribal inspired accent add just the right zest to my future Maxi dress purchase? The answer may in fact be a yes!

The Romper

Honestly, most of my descriptions of this new (or renewed) trend sound silly. Is it a dress that actually ends in shorts? A high water jump suit? A really long leotard? I don’t know. But I do know that if the right romper meets the right girl, they’ll turn some heads. I bet my perfect romper is out there, waiting for me on some lucky rack. But am I bold enough to go seek it? I sure hope so!

Well, friends, those are my official spring fashion trend observations. Until tomorrow!

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