Girls (with High Self Esteem) Weekend Recap*

17 May

*If you don’t get my allusion, get yourself to the nearest DVD player and watch some Arrested Development. PSA over.

This weekend was great! This weekend was fun! This weekend was great fun!

But, this weekend was also exhausting.

I’ll admit it. I’ve never felt more ‘married/just plain old’ than I did the past several nights/super early mornings. That’s right; my average bedtime would make librarians snicker. I get tired early. And even if I’m not dozing at 9:30ish, I’m in the PJ zone reading, watching a great Netflix pick or playing Skip Bo with Ike. I enjoy the homebody life at least ½ of my week. But of course, with a gaggle of my best friends in town, there’s not a lot of time for the PJ zone. I understand that, but for the next reunion, I need to start conditioning myself months in advance. I exaggerate only a wee bit. Anyway, read on for essential ingredients for a wonderful (and ok, exhausting) girls weekend.


Neon teal? Don't mind if I do.

I know I just bellyached about a tiring weekend, so this addition may seem counter to my own (eloquent) rant. And it is. Pedicures are wonderfully relaxing. But they are expensive enough for me to only indulge on them on special occasions. And let’s face it; most special occasions that can be celebrated with a Pedi are girly. Thus, a visit to a nail place is a great way to chat with your friends while getting ready to show off your toes at all hours of the night.

Impromptu and numerous photo shoots

Little Rock is one attractive place, or is it just us?

Wind and architectural elements, must take picture!

I don’t know what it is about girls, but when I was in college and living with girls, it was an unspoken law that lots of pictures had to be taken anytime we went out on the town. We definitely filled our quota this weekend. There are nearly 100 pictures to prove it. Photo shoots are fun everywhere, but factors like wind, interesting architecture, familiar places or strange props make it that much more fun. See above and below for some (beautiful) samples.

CJ and Michal spending time with Uncle Bud.

We tried to revisit our Jr year room. It was locked. Sigh. Picture time!

Laughter and Love*

* My apologies for getting the Growing Pains theme in your head.

And you had to know it was coming, the sappy section. Maintaining connection with these ladies is important to me. I moved so much as a kid that I fell out of touch with a lot of great people. But that’s not going to happen this time. I have the fulfilled New Year’s resolution to prove it!

In the end, it is easy to love these girls. We help each other with everything from outfit dilemmas to career counseling to the infamous boy drama. We’ve been in each other’s weddings and we’ve lived with each other for years. In short, we are there for each other. And I can’t imagine losing that. So yes, it does take some effort to make that phone call or buy that plane ticket. But I’m going to do it, because their presence in my life makes it better, even if they keep me up to 2:30 in the morning.

Dizzy's Cheese Dip is wonderful, so was my company.

Love ya girls!

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