Job Search Part III: The Actual Searching Part

27 May

Up to this point, I’ve covered the job searching groundwork: resume/cover letter crafting and building. This work is essential. Unless your dad is hiring you, you will need a resume to get the interview that will get you the job. You dig? But how do you get that pristine resume in the right hands? I’ve saved that for today. Happy Memorial Day Friday!

I used 3 tactics to get said resume into said important hands. They all worked, and I think it would serve you well to try out different strategies in your own search. At the very least, it will make you feel like you are making progress. And in an extended job search, staying positive is a big percentage of the battle. Trust this battle worn girl. Ok?

Research and Contact

If you are in a new city or switching to a new career, you need to research the local scene. Take the time to discover the company (school, bakery, agency) you actually want to work for. Once you identify a place that seems to fit your dream, find the contact info for the person who will do the hiring. Then contact them. I usually went for email, but calling or an old-fashioned letter works well, too. The worst that can happen is no reply. The best is an interview. So you don’t have much to lose, and a dream job to gain. That seems like progress to me, friends.


You might want to find an inexpensive way to bind your resume and samples for your meetings.

I never really saw myself as a networker, but 12 networking meetings later, it is hard to deny that I became one. How did I get started? Well, I just told everyone (within reason, of course) that I was job searching. Eventuall, one of those people said, “Oh, I have a friend who has the type of job you want, here’s his contact info. I’ll let him know you’re going to call.” You see? Then during one of my first networking meetings, the guy told me to never leave a meeting without getting at least 2 or 3 contacts from that person. And thus, the chain continued. And as a bonus, many of the people I met with offered to send my resume along to people they knew.  Cha-ching. Progress.

Find a Job Searching Group

Through one of my networking meetings, I found out about this guy who creates a weekly job listing email centered on the creative/communications field. This email was priceless. I’d say most of my interviews came from leads I got from this email. It did my research for me. So keep a lookout for something like this in your town or find other people who are looking for the same type of work. You can help each other find the best places and opportunities out there.

Well, as always, I hope that was helpful! I’ll finish my job searching series with interview tips someday soon.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! I plan to share my first Riverfest experience next week, so stay tuned for (I hope) crazy pictures and stories.

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