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You have to BBC These Shows*

22 Jun

*Sorry, too punny?

How’s your Wednesday treating you? Could it use a good show recommendation or two?  If you just shouted ‘YES’ and raised the roof, then you, my friend, are in luck!

It seems that with the help of a husband who is ‘plugged in’ (for the lack of a non-cheesy metaphor) to entertainment happenings, I am introduced to a lot of new shows. Lately we’ve been sampling shows by network. Earlier in the year, I shared my adulations for a couple FX shows, Sons of Anarchy and Justified. I know, I would not have thought I would be an FX type of gal either. This time, we’ve hopped the pond (maybe my cheesy setting is turned up today) and sampled the BBC. And let me tell you, I was very impressed by the two shows we devoured. The good thing about these two picks? They are at the fingertips of all my fellow Netflix Watch Instantly addicts. Read on to get a clue.

BBC is not too shabby.

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Buster in Action

17 Jun

Here’s the much awaited Buster update.

You ready?

Are you sure?


He went to a dog park!!

If you find the previous sentence as unbelievable as I once did, I insist you read on.

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Summer Movie Update: Super 8

15 Jun

I’m proud to say that I haven’t paid full-price for either of my recent movie outings. And no, I didn’t sneak in. The first was a freebie from Ike’s rents (THANKS!) so I can’t give you any tips there, expect to marry into a family who frequently happens upon movie passes. Good luck with that! The second situation will be a little more helpful to you, I hope. Our local Dickenson Theater (the Chenal 9 IMAX, for you LR readers) has a 5 o’clock power hour. If that sounds good now, just wait until you hear the deets. This means $5 tickets for all regular movies and 8 bucks a pop for IMAX or 3D during the 4-5 pm hour. AND (can you believe there is an ‘AND’?)  they offer a large popcorn AND a large drink for only $5 TOGETHER. I think we have found a solution to the what-should-we-do-for-a-cheap-ish-Saturday-date-night quandary. You are welcome. Please read on for my quick review of the magical and fun movie that is Super 8.

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Summer Movie Update: X-Men: First Class

13 Jun

Can you feel it? Summer movie season has arrived.  ‘Tis the season for Kevin Bacon to sport sweet side burns. The time is right for a submarine to leap out of the water. Right about now, shape shifters should and will invade houses. And I don’t think I’d feel right unless a couple people could fly.

The bottom line?  It is time to have fun at the movies. How do you have the fun specifically mentioned above? I believe (and don’t quote me on this) the only way is to get yourself to your nearest cinema and see X-Men: First Class.

Read on for my thoughts on the newest X-Men flick. But first, here’s a reminder of the 5 point scale I’ve developed for my reviews.

1 – See it NOW and buy it when it comes out.

2 – See it NOW!

3 – Redbox it.

4 – Netflix Queue worthy

5 – If it comes on TV, you wouldn’t be totally wasting your life if you watched it while folding laundry.

Enjoy the review, and enjoy your Monday!

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Orange Infused Mini-Muffins*

10 Jun

* This recipe is from The Pioneer Woman Cooks book (p 58-60). It is heartily approved by the Peters family.

You need this book.

I want you to have a great weekend. I want to do all I can do to help. I want to fill your Saturday morning with a zesty aroma, laughter and love. Well, I can at least start you off on the first one.

How do the words brown sugar, orange and mini muffin sound to you? If the combination piques your interest and makes your mouth start to water, then I have the perfect Saturday morning treat for you. Plus, this one is from the one and only Pioneer Woman. Her recipes deliciously combine fresh ingredients and home-cooking. If you are ready for a delicious weekend morning treat then read on!

This picture is meant to tantalize you to push the “Read More” link. Did it work?

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Ripped in 30: LEVEL 4

8 Jun

I made it to LEVEL 4…4…4…4 of Jillian Michaels:  Ripped in 30!

NOTE: Yes, I do think it is worth using all caps and echo effect for such an occasion. Thanks for asking. I spared you excessive exclamations, you should be happy.

On a positive note, I don’t remember crying throughout the program. But it could have happened that one time I almost blacked out.

Got ya!  I kid. About the blacking out bit, not about LEVEL 4…4…4…4(see note above).

Are you ready to hear about the painfully heart pumping workout Jillian dishes out in her “mother of all workouts?”

Then read on!

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2011 Resolutions: June Reality Check

6 Jun

I hope you all forgive me for taking a week off from blogging. My first week back in full time work land was good, but to be honest, exhausting. I came back from my first day, filled both with the satisfaction of finding a great job and the desire to lie on the couch for the rest of the night. And I did. Sweet Ike made dinner. I think I managed to feed myself, but barely. I say all this as an excuse and an explanation. I will keep blogging, but right now I plan to scale back to 2 or 3 posts per week. Can you handle that?  I hope so! For now, please sit back and enjoy my June update.

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