Ripped in 30: LEVEL 4

8 Jun

I made it to LEVEL 4…4…4…4 of Jillian Michaels:  Ripped in 30!

NOTE: Yes, I do think it is worth using all caps and echo effect for such an occasion. Thanks for asking. I spared you excessive exclamations, you should be happy.

On a positive note, I don’t remember crying throughout the program. But it could have happened that one time I almost blacked out.

Got ya!  I kid. About the blacking out bit, not about LEVEL 4…4…4…4(see note above).

Are you ready to hear about the painfully heart pumping workout Jillian dishes out in her “mother of all workouts?”

Then read on!

If you’re new here or have fallen behind (gasp!), I’ve blogged all the Ripped in 30 levels up to now. If you’re thinki about starting this variation-of-push-ups filled journey, see links below for my take on the first 3 weeks of PAIN…N…N…N. Sorry, I don’t know how to turn it off sometimes.

Level 1:Tough Level 2: Tougher Level 3: Toughest Level 4: Brutal

That’s right. Brutal. I’ll break down the brutality for you, because I’m nice.

Brutal Weights

Imagine doing this for a long time. Ouch.

Jillian weaves weight moves that tested my muscles’ endurance and jacked up my heart rate into this 20 minute workout.

Example one: In the first circuit, she instructed (forces) me to stay in a static squat for two moves in a row. If I don’t stand up (cheat) during this time, my legs burn. Just in time for me to work out for another 18 minutes. Right? Of course right.

Example two: During the final weight circuit, she instructs (goads) me to do walking push-ups. If you don’t know what they are, you can at least imagine that they wouldn’t be fun after working out for 18 minutes. And you are right, they aren’t.

Killer Cardio

Behold, the painful burpee!

Things get ugly during 2nd cardio circuit, and they don’t really get better until the end. It starts with two minutes of burpees (HATE them) and scissor kicks (HATE them). At the end of those two minutes, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m dripping with sweat and tempted to press the stop button. But I don’t. So, please pat me on the back.

Inspirational Collapse

In a unique end to a workout, after the final abs move, she allows (orders) me to stay on the ground. This is a wonderful thing, and not just because if I tried to stretch right after the last move, I’d probably barf. No, she allows me to catch my breath as I reflect on what I’ve accomplished. I feel like the strong, disciplined person she describes. It feels good! It is like a life oasis. I may not agree completely with her total reliance on self improvement. There’s more to life than that, like faith. But I do enjoy the part of the speech when I get to breathe in the possibilities and breathe out the self-doubt. It is cathartic. Try it when you’re attempting to relax. It is a physical way to rid worry from life.

Well, that’s it! I made it! I hope I’ve inspired some of you to give Jillian a try. But at the very least, I hope I’ve proved to you that pushing yourself in a workout is a confidence booster. You’ll feel good and that should spread to other parts of your life. That’s worth a little sweat in my opinion.

I’ll be back on Friday with a delicious recipe perfect for a lazy Saturday morning breakfast.

See ya then!

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