Summer Movie Update: X-Men: First Class

13 Jun

Can you feel it? Summer movie season has arrived.  ‘Tis the season for Kevin Bacon to sport sweet side burns. The time is right for a submarine to leap out of the water. Right about now, shape shifters should and will invade houses. And I don’t think I’d feel right unless a couple people could fly.

The bottom line?  It is time to have fun at the movies. How do you have the fun specifically mentioned above? I believe (and don’t quote me on this) the only way is to get yourself to your nearest cinema and see X-Men: First Class.

Read on for my thoughts on the newest X-Men flick. But first, here’s a reminder of the 5 point scale I’ve developed for my reviews.

1 – See it NOW and buy it when it comes out.

2 – See it NOW!

3 – Redbox it.

4 – Netflix Queue worthy

5 – If it comes on TV, you wouldn’t be totally wasting your life if you watched it while folding laundry.

Enjoy the review, and enjoy your Monday!

I give it a <insert dramatic pause here> 2! I’m glad I saw it in the theaters, but I’d probably skip adding it to my personal collection. For the why behind the score, read on.

The Good!

I’m definitely not a diehard X-Men fan. I haven’t read the comics, and I didn’t grow up watching the cartoon. But I did really enjoy the first movie in the franchise. I owned it, and it became a movie I enjoyed watching often.  I feel like First Class is comparable in heart and quality to the original. Why?

Strong Acting:

Well, the acting is strong, especially from James McAvoy (Professor X) and Michael Fassbender (Magneto). Their budding partnership rife with tension and different ideals lends much of the movie’s depth. I also thought Kevin Bacon played the movie’s super villain with the perfect mixture of pride and cruelty. And seeing Jennifer Lawrence take on the young Mystique made me that much more excited for the upcoming Hunger Games flicks.

Strong Themes:

Like the original, the themes are also thought-provoking. As always, the mutants deal with fitting in. But this time, we also see Magneto and Professor X as friends with conflicting views about how to deal with humanity. Is anger and condescension or love and compassion the answer? Hmm, I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out, huh?

Strong Visual Interest:

A good summer movie will have scenes that burst and twirl and thunder better on the big screen than in your house, even if you have a sweet theater system. This one assuredly falls into that category. The directing is sleek and interesting. Plus, the different effects, especially from the magnetic Magneto are mesmerizing.

The Bad…

I have a long attention span, I promise. And I didn’t get bored during this movie. I had a lot of fun. But I felt the length.  I came away feeling like I’d seen a great movie, but also feeling like I’d be ok if I never saw it again. Thus, the score of 2.

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoy your week. I’ll be back on Wednesday with my Super 8 review. Let’s just say that this one may or may not receive the highest honor in the Alexis movie scale. And with that tantalizing teaser, I’m out!

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