Summer Movie Update: Super 8

15 Jun

I’m proud to say that I haven’t paid full-price for either of my recent movie outings. And no, I didn’t sneak in. The first was a freebie from Ike’s rents (THANKS!) so I can’t give you any tips there, expect to marry into a family who frequently happens upon movie passes. Good luck with that! The second situation will be a little more helpful to you, I hope. Our local Dickenson Theater (the Chenal 9 IMAX, for you LR readers) has a 5 o’clock power hour. If that sounds good now, just wait until you hear the deets. This means $5 tickets for all regular movies and 8 bucks a pop for IMAX or 3D during the 4-5 pm hour. AND (can you believe there is an ‘AND’?)  they offer a large popcorn AND a large drink for only $5 TOGETHER. I think we have found a solution to the what-should-we-do-for-a-cheap-ish-Saturday-date-night quandary. You are welcome. Please read on for my quick review of the magical and fun movie that is Super 8.

One more time, here is the review scale we’re working with,

1 – See it NOW and buy it when it comes out.

2 – See it NOW!

3 – Redbox it.

4 – Netflix Queue worthy

5 – If it comes on TV, you wouldn’t be totally wasting your life if you watched it while folding laundry.

I am very tempted to give this movie a 1. But I may just be riding the excitement I felt leaving the theater Saturday night. I was on a good movie high. The feel good, action-packed, emotional and fun kind of movie that gets me gesturing wildly and talking non-stop while speed-walking out of the theater. In other words, I loved it. I just don’t know if I will feel as excited to buy it when it comes out to buy. So for now, I’ll give it a 2 – See it NOW, in IMAX if possible.

The Good

The characters:

This movie is set around a group of kids trying to make a zombie movie during the summer. Each brings their own quirks, happiness and burdens to the circle. They carry the movie, and they do it well. They are funny and charming. Good characters to experience this adventure with.

The action:

When Ike and I discussed the movie, he said that during one scene (no, I’m not telling which one) he was tempted to take my hand and start running. That’s how intense and immediate the action is. I don’t know if that feeling was augmented by the IMAX experience, but maybe it was. Either way, I still think you’ll enjoy the classic KABOOMing and jump out of your skin summer movie moments.

The Bad

Hmmm, I don’t really have anything to nag about. At least during my first viewing, I was completely engaged. I didn’t have time to feel the length or parse the script. I experienced the movie. And it was fun. I think you’d have fun, too!

I hope your Wednesday has been kind to you! I’ll share a much awaited (I’M SURE) Buster update on Friday.

Come back for more on Buster! Seriously, you can't say no to that face.

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